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The site will be updated on an informal basis; any items of Club or Local News will be added once the information becomes known to the Webmaster. Other items, articles etc. will be added/updated from time to time.

Any articles for the site, reviews, suggestions for content etc. can be emailed to me at:
webmaster@highfields-arc.co.uk Full credit for articles will be given, or anonymity if so requested.

The Webmaster.

Today is:   

Various links updated (external sites moved, their new location found and the links updated).
More additions to the Mic Wiring area (both mics and radios).
More rado programming info added.
Some more Icom radio programming info added.

       An Item of News added.

       Committee page updated.

       More Valve (Tube) and Transistor equivalents booklets added to Constructors Corner Info area.

       An update to the UK Amateur Radio Licence Documents through the years page.

       Some new entries added to and a re-jigging of the Dotty Dictionary, I've also started adding some illustrations.

       Make sure you keep up with the latest Club Activities

Various links updated (other sites moved and the details updated)

20 January
The Club Activities pages have been updated.

       The latest Newsletter has been added to the Members Only area. The September issue has moved to the Newsletter Archive.

       Three recipes added to the Recipes area.

1 January
A few minor changes around the site, nothing to really comment upon here plus some more microphone information added.
I am currently in talks with a company regarding advertising on the site, a few adverts may appear over the next few weeks.
The December Newsletter will be published in January as I am awaiting an updated membership list so I know how many to print and where to deliver them.

       The Committee area has been updated following the AGM.

       Some updates to the Fun and Games area:
Mind Reading. This page will read (or maybe blow!) your mind!
Jokes from Christmas Crackers. More Groaners!
Other Jokes. A couple of fun pieces added.


       An item of News regarding our Life President.

       More Icom software added to the Icom Radio Programming Software page and the relevant Programming Info pages updated.

With so many radios and mics listed in the Mic Wiring section I have stopped counting them and also removed the numbers of radios/mics listed from the index page, if you're looking for a mic or radio scheme and it's not listed then ask and I may be able to track it down.

       A couple of items on the News page regarding Committee Offices, following the EGM on 21 August and the Club meeting on 4 September. As a result the Committee page has also been revised.

       The Join Us page has been revised following the meeting on 21 August.

       The latest Newsletter has been added to the Members Only area, and the previous one has ben re-located to the Newsletter Archive.

       Even more microphone wiring schemes (Mics and Radios) added to the Microphone Wiring Area, along with additional data to some that were already listed but data was incomplete.

Some additions to the Glossary.

Support for smaller screens has now been dropped, the minimum size "written for" is now 1024 pixels wide or greater.

I have removed the Translations to German, French & Spanish from the Mic Wiring area in favour of the Microsoft® Translator which, with any luck, should appear at top left of all pages and translate the whole page into more languages than I was prepared to do! (over 30).

Some "dead" links removed and a link added for all your machine & grub screw needs (including washers nuts) added to the Component Suppliers page.

       In the Projects Area of Constructors Corner there is details to make a Kenwood KCT-40 Accessory Data Lead to fit Kenwood TK-7180, TK-7189, TK-8180 & TK-8189. Also noted on that page is the full range of signals available on the accessory connector of those radios.

       Meat Roasting Times and Temperatures guide added to the Recipes Area.

       Yup! Some more microphone wiring schemes (Mics and Radios) added to the Microphone Wiring Area.

Updated Icom, Kenwood & Yaesu/Vertex Programming Info pages (a big thanks to a anonymous contributor who sent me a sack-load of info for me to sort and collate, will keep me going for a while!)

       Some more microphone wiring schemes added to the Microphone Wiring Area.

       The Committee page has been updated reflecting recent occurrences.

Updated many of the Icom, Kenwood & Yaesu/Vertex Programming Info pages and added more software for programming some of them. Also some radio to radio Cloning details added / updated.
A couple of additions to the Glossary.
Some "internal house-keeping" carried out.

       Latest Newsletter added to the Members Only area, with the previous one being moved to the Newsletter Archive.

       An update to the review of the trueCall unit in the Reviews area.

       Another update in the Repair Assistance & Modifications area, thanks to Robin, VE7HMN.
Plus SuperStar SS6900 programming software and .dats, plus more .dats for AT-5555 and clones.
By popular demand all .dat files are now available uncompressed as well as .zip or .rar

       AND some more microphone wiring schemes added to the Microphone Wiring Area.

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