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Scam Warnings.

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In this section I give warnings on scams and general nasties that are out to trap the unwary.

Read the OFT's leaflet:
Scambusters leaflet. (pdf 798 kb).

Here in the UK, if you suspect that what you are being offered is a scam,
see: Consumer Direct for clear, practical consumer advice
of call them on 08454 04 05 06 (local rates apply).

Here is a useful page about Your E-Mail Responsibility written by Duane Alan Hahn. It covers how to deal with emailing groups of people, forwarding e-mails and dealing with chain e-mails. Good, sensible advice.

Here is a good site with useful, practical and trustworthy information on identity theft, Internet scams, credit card fraud, phishing, lottery scams and more, plus how to stop spam: Scambusters.org scambusters.org logo (it's an American site but the scammers are world wide!). There tend to be a few "announcements" (adverts) before the actual articles, but they have to pay the bills somehow!

In this section there are pages on:

Password Change

that wasn't

"Microsoft Service" Telephone Calls.

Password Change

UPS Invoice NRxxxxxxx

Someone applying
for a job?

DHL unable to deliver

XP / Vista / Windows 7
Internet Security (year).

A "nasty" that got me!!
(But I got rid of it).

Government Insulation Grant
Telephone calls.

Dear Beloved One
or Dear Blessed One

Password Change

Updated due to auto-deletion.

Tax Rebate Scam

Swine Flu "Advice" E-mails.

Your computer is
broadcasting your IP Address.

Recession Relief Programme Fund
Global Economic Crisis Relief Aid

Dihydrogen Monoxide

Parking Ticket Scam

Credit Card phone Scam.

Letter from Spain Scam

PayPal Payment Scam

Your Waiting Payment.

Parcel Delivery Scam II

Fake Icom Equipment.

Driving Licence Problem.

Beware of Grouply!

More on 'Greetings Card' Scams.

Western Union?
Never used them!

Expensive Repairs!

Expensive Joke or what?

The Ultimate Phish?

'Free ATM Card' Scams.

'Pass it on' Scams.

Email Credit Card Scams.

'Phishing' Scams.

Will / Death Scams.

Greeting Card Scams.

Lottery Scams.

Nigerian 419 Scams.

Car Park Scams.

Parcel Delivery Scam.

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