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Expensive Repairs?

I wasn't sure where to put this one (Humour or here) but the original poster assured me (and the usenet group that I saw this on) that it was perfectly genuine!

'Special' Screw

For those that can't see the image, it shows an invoice for 1 Sony "Screw, Special" with the screw, in its' little labelled and bar coded bag. The part numbers on the bag and invoice match.

Nothing unusual? A closer look at the invoice shows that this screw costs €61.31 (61.31 Euros, thats about 48 and a half quid at todays' exchange rate! (5 June 2008)) The invoice is for a single screw, not 10 or 100, just one!

Well that screw must be really special then? Apart from the fact that it is black in colour the original source states that it is a "Standard" #4 screw (1 eighth of an inch clearence), 1" long, philips head, self tapping screw for holding a plastic casing together!

No wonder repairs cost so much, if a screw that you can get from a local DIY shop for pennies costs £48, how much would it cost for a specialised part?

So is this a case of (bad pun time folks!) "Being Really Screwed?"

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