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Government Insulation Grant Telephone calls

I have recently had some phone calls enquiring as to whether or not I have claimed a government grant for loft insulation.

These calls usually show up as "secret" on the caller display but one gave me a number that I called back to discover that it is an insulation / window company that was trying to sell sell me loft insulation, saying that the government would cover the costs. This is not necessarily so as to qualify for a government grant certain conditions have to be met.

What the company wants is for people to purchase their services (they say they will apply for the grant on your behalf) then, after the installation work is done, tell you that the full cost was not covered (if any of the cost was is another question!) and present you with a bill for the difference, often at inflated prices. To add insult to injury they will also offer to "help you with a payment plan". This gets interest added as well, giving you an even larger bill.

Take a look around the official site for your area (below, select one) and see just what grant(s) (if any) you are entitled to. For advice on government backed schemes in your area (UK only) see:

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