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Expensive Joke or what?

I was thinking of putting this in the Humour section but it seems serious so I've put it here as a scam.

From a discussion on a web forum I frequently look at, a member posted a link to a web site that discusses a new fuse. he posted it with the heading:
The Ultimate Audiophoolery - HI-Fi Fuses!
It is about the HiFi-Tuning fuse.

I personally can't see how a fuse would:

I had to check the date after viewing The Article to make sure it wasn't April 1!

Take a look for yourself and decide if 30 or 40 Dollars is the price you would pay for a fuse!

Please note: This is not meant to offend. Indeed some people would argue that the composition of any component can make a difference. If you are really that desperate to have fuses with silver wire and gold end caps so you get a purer sound then perhaps you should consider a separate circuit from the power station using silver cables and gold fixings so you KNOW you've got the best you can.

"Normal" people probably wouldn't notice the difference on changing the fuse, except the price, anyway. That's what leads me to class it as a scam, someone's after your money while making a claim of greatness. If a reader would like to give me a demonstration that proves me incorrect I'll gladly retract and publish an apology, contact me via the usual address.

Updated 28 September 2008. Well this item has been posted for 6 months now and I have had loads of emails telling me that these fuses do make a difference. NOT!
No, really, not 1 single email (no married ones either!) to say that these fuses really work. I live in hope, but I won't hold my breath!

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