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AnyTone AT-5555.
Anytone AT-5555

10m Multimode.

Icom IC-E2820.
Icom IC=E2820

2m & 70cm
with D-STAR
and GPS.

Yaesu FT-857.
Yaesu FT-857

160m to 6m,
2m and 70cm
"Shack in a Box".
Yaesu VX2.
Yaesu VX2

Tiny but full of features.

Other Amateur Radio Related Equipment.

Digital Camera Battery
& Charger.
battery and charger

What has this to do
with Amateur Radio?
Read and find out!
  Digital Voice
Access Point
dvap unit

Equipment Suppliers.

Batterymasters logo

Anything Else.

Accurate Aerials (Cardiff)

Antenna Installers
ForeverActive (Quingo Scooters Distributor).

Heart Internet.
altered logo
The Ham Band CD.
CD cover

Nuisance Telephone Call Blocker.
York Cottage
Bed and Breakfast
York Cottage frontage
North Somerset.

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