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Anytone AT-5555 Repairs & Modifications Index

This area was "split" from the main repairs area as the articles grew in number.

The articles listed here are for the AnyTone AT-5555 10 Meter Amateur Radio, made by QiXiang Electron Science and Technology Co, Ltd, which is also sold under the brand names of:

Alpha 10 Max AM-1000
Comtex CS-1000DX
CRT SS6900
(SuperStar 6900)
Hannover BR-9000
Intek HR-5500
K-PO DX-5000
MAAS DX 5000
the radio
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You may find that a mod shown here does not work on your particular radio, this may be because other mods have already been done by the importer/seller of your radio or because of upgrades/redesign carried out at manufacture.

If you have any hints, tips, mods etc. that you wish to share or any links to articles you've written yourself then please send them to: webmaster@highfields-arc.co.uk


See the Anytone AT-5555 Facebook group or the Anytone AT-5555 Yahoo group for users and prospective purchasers. Many of the articles listed here also appear and/or discussed on those group pages.

AGC Modification
(Listed as MAAS DX 5000)
External page on a chat board, translated from Spanish.

Cooling Modification.
A mod to make the side of the radio and the mic socket cooler.

FM RX Modification
(Listed as MAAS DX 5000)
External page on a chat board, translated from Spanish.

Mods by Hans and prices.
(as of August 2011)

Frequency Stability.
Modification for a frequency "jump" that may happen after a "warm up" period.

Master Oscillator
Adjustment Mod/Adjustment.

(there wasn't any!)
(OH yes there is!)

Programming Files.
.dat files for the software
that comes with the radio.
Includes V1, V4 & V5 software
and .dats.
Plus SS6900 V1 software & .dats

Make a Maas DX5000 Programming Lead.
(compatible with all original versions)

Programming the HR 5500.
By Alex Scott of Mercian Media
Quick video tutorial on YouTube
(Thanks for the link Alex)

RF Gain Modification.
RF Gain only "works" over a small portion of the control's rotation.

Sidetone Modification.
Adjustable volume for the sidetone.

Microphone Wiring Pin Out.
(original 4 pin)
In the Mic Wiring area of this site.

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