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Cooking is both an art and a science but there is no need to be afraid of it!

The science part is collecting ingredients, identifying which work well and blend into amazing flavours to make up your dish. In this way cooking is like a chemical equation. You add all the ingredients, apply heat and you get a chemical reaction.

Artistically speaking, cooking is a symphony of taste, aroma and colour that stimulates the senses. The cooked product appeals to the eyes, if you like how a dish looks; nose, if you like the smell; touch, the texture and temperature; and especially taste, for tasting those luverly flavours!

Don't let the above put off any of you first time cooks though, it's not a difficult process (well it can be but, like anything in life, start out with the easier dishes and as your confidence grows try something a little harder). Most of the recipes in this section are easy, "Cupboard" Chicken Casserole followed by Impossible Coconut Pie would be a meal to make your mum proud and are both really easy to make. Go on, have a go!

At the bottom is a section about recipes from the Second World War, when things were in short supply. Some major, and rather surprising, substitutions had to be made due to scarcity of the proper ingredients.

Feel free to send in your favourite recipes (webmaster@highfields-arc.co.uk) for inclusion, full credit will be given. Other kitchen Hints & Tips are also most welcome.

Cooking Hints & Tips.

Abbreviations and Equivalents used in recipes. Homemade Croutons. Measurement Conversion Calculator.
Roasting Meat -
Times and Temperatures.
Oven Temperature
Conversions Guide.
Poached Eggs the easy way.
Substitute Ingredients.    

Biscuits, Cakes etc Recipes.

Almond Tea Cakes. Apple Ugly Cake.
Banana Bread.

Alternative recipe sent in by GW8ERA.
Oatmeal Cherry Toffee Cookies. Simple Flapjacks. Welsh Cakes.

Savoury Recipes (except SPAM®).

Broccoli Soup. Cheese & Potato Pie. Chilli Con Carne.
Chicken Casserole.
Jerk Chicken. Orange and Rosemary Glazed Chicken.
Pasta with Leek & Bacon. Pita Bread Pizzas. Pork and Apple
Pumpkin and Apple
Sausages with Cheesy Mash and Spiced Apple Chutney Gravy. Sweet Chilli and Balsamic Pork Steak.

Tuna Fish Cakes. Welsh Onion Cake.
(Don't confuse with the
sweet Welsh Cakes above!)

SPAM® Recipes.

Barbecued SPAM®
Creamy SPAM®
& broccoli pasta.
Deep SPAM®
French Toast
SPAM® Sandwiches.
Hawaiian Fried
Won Tons.
Mustardy SPAM® Fritters
with a tomato salsa.
SPAM® and Chesse
SPAM® and Eggs. SPAM®ish Rice.
Sweet and Sour
SPAM® Fritters.

Sweets & Puddings Recipes.

Apple Snow. Impossible Coconut Pie. Quick & Easy
Apple and Black Forest Fruits Crumble.
Quick & Easy
Rhubarb & Apple Crumble.

War Time Recipes.

Christmas Pudding. Ministry of Food
Food Facts

(as published in newspapers during the war)
Ministry of Food
War Cookery Leaflet No.4.

(Storing, & recipes using, Carrots)
Ministry of Food
War Cookery Leaflet No.11.

(About, & 12 recipes using,
dried egg)

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