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Now you are using Windows 7,
which doesn't always work with older software,
what do you now use to make the site?
(related to Q's 4, 7, 8, 9 & 16)

Yes it is true that Windows 7 doesn't get on with some of my older software, the Serif software that I purchased back in the 1990's for a start. But, to answer your question, all listed below work with Windows 7 Home Premium (except for the server based software at the bottom of the page which doesn't need to!):
Notepad++ logo. Click to visit their site

I still hand code using Notepad++ (thanks to Robin for introducing me to it in his Top 10 Essential FREE Programs for your PC article, elsewhere on this site) as the text editor.

I have also purchased and installed the full version of tinySpell (version 1.9 at time of purchase) which is working hard to keep my spellings correct, also mentioned in that same article by Robin. GIF construction set logo. Click to visit their site

For image re-sizing / rotating / contrast & brightness alteration I use Easy Thumbnails from Fookes Software.
GIF construction set logo. Click to visit their site

For the transparent backgounds and animated images I still use Gif Construction Set Professional 3 from Alchemy Mindworks.

For my drawings at the moment I'm using Windows Paint (version 6.1,included with Windows 7) which is more powerful than earlier versions. I may also use my new DTP software (Serif PagePlus X4) to draw images (there is an Export As Picture option).

Xenu logo. Click to visit their site

A piece of software that I use "in the background" to check that links are not broken is Xenu's Link Sleuth which I have found to be indispensible as the site has grown. I forget who suggested it to me but it is certainly a time and trouble saver!
Coffee Cup logo. Click to visit their site

The menu is still handled by the Free DHTML Menu Builder from CoffeeCup.com. and their Free FTP program still uploads the site each week.

Junkyard php logo. Click to visit their site

The Guest Book and Search Engine software are not programs that need to run on the PC. They reside and work on the server so they are the same as they used to be:
     Guest Book: PHP Junkyard.com
Search Engine: Sphider PHP search engine  Junkyard php logo. Click to visit their site

Since March 2011 the search engine has been changed as the host I moved to didn't support it. The new search engine was "supplied" by the host and is KSearch from KScripts. Click to visit their site. I must admit that it is a lot faster at indexing the site than Sphider was and is fairly easy to set up too.

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