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The counter figures are, surely, skewed
by the amount of visits you make to the site Brian?

Not at all! You would think that the visits, page writings and proof readings (yes I do proof read but see Q 18) etc that I do would quickly rack up the numbers, and you would be right except...

I have cable broadband that's connected 24/7/365 (except for outages, I'll come to that) and, as such, the IP address I have is static. It doesn't change. I set the counter to ignore any visits from my IP address (this includes Denises' and Lauras' visits too). When I have either a power failure or cable outage I always check, once things are back to normal, if the IP address has changed and if it has I alter the setting in the counter set-up to reflect the change.

In short: None of my visits are counted. If they were the counter would probably read in the millions by now!

Also I should note here, in the main a site visitor only gets counted once in 24 hours no matter how many time/pages they visit. There are some circumstances where a visitor will not be counted and also where they get counted for every page but these circumstances are rare and tend to average out, so the figures are a true enough reflection.

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