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Why so many microphone wiring schemes?
& Why so many I've never heard of?

Well Wayne, GW1UDK, suggested a "page of mic wirings" and I pointed him to a page that had been written by someone else but, on my examination of that page, some of the data was incomplete or even totally wrong!

I then decided, due to the amount of manuals (service and owner) and schematics that I had collected over the years, that I could do a section on microphone wirings giving all the information of what signals were on what pins, very handy for that rally purchase that you want to try out but it came without a mic or the owners or service manual with the relevant data.

As was noted in the question, this has grown exponentially and, I believe, is the most comprehensive "list" on the Internet, with more being added as I "dig out" the information.

Further to this was asked:

Why so many I've never heard of?

To be honest I've not heard of some of them but you never know what will turn up on that auction site you look at or even at the next rally! Also remember that the site is available across the world so international is the watch word.

I'm sorry if it's not "your thing" but there should be plenty to keep you occupied on the site!

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