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Training Related Links.

Articles within the Highfields ARC site that are training related,
but you may have missed.
About Meters All you wanted to know about a multi (Amps Volts Ohms) meter but were afraid to ask.
Advanced (Full Licence) Exam Formula Sheet It's not that complicated really!.
(PDF 28KB)
Component Recognition Components with their names, schematic symbol, notes and, most important, a photo to assist in recognition.
Fitting a BNC Connector
Fitting an "N" Connector
Fitting a PL-259
One of these has to be demonstrated for the Intermediate Licence.
Foundation Licence Course Assistance Help with the Foundation Licence course.
Intermediate Licence Course Assistance Help with the Intermediate Licence course.
Fuses What, why and how of this, mostly overlooked, safety device.
Ohms Law An in-depth document, covers the needs of all 3 levels.
Includes value prefixes.
How to Solder
How to De-Solder
Guides on how to do it properly.
(Soldering required for Intermediate,
De-Soldering required for mistakes!)
Resistor Identification Codes Only the colour code is required for the Intermediate Licence exam, but there's so much more too.
SWR Description
& How To
Non - technical description, Technical description and step by step on how to do it for 3 different types of meter.

External Training Related Links.

CARS logo Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society Training Downloads Area for all levels of UK Licence.
Hamtests logo Mock tests, advice and forums for all levels of UK Licence.
QADV logo
Full UK Licence practice.
A program that has loads of multiple choice questions to help students revise for the Advanced exam that qualifies radio amateurs for a Full UK Licence.

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