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In this area will be added articles of general information that are linked or associated with Amateur Radio, Radio as a hobby or the site in general but don't fit anywhere else on the site.

By all means send articles in to webmaster@highfields-arc.co.uk for this (or indeed any other section of the site) and I'll place them on the site for all the world to see.

2 Years On
The Trials & Tribulations
of the Webmaster.

11M DX Divisions
Division numbers and where they refer to

Bernards Pocket Book No.4
War time reference booklet.

CB and RC Frequencies
channels, frequencies and more.

"CE" marking
what does it mean?

what and why.

How Safe Is It?
UK Mains Sockets

Getting Started
Booklet for new Licencees.

Glossary of Electronic
and Radio Terms,

Abbreviations and Acronyms.

Mobile Operation
and the Law.

Operating Ethics
If only!

Protecting outdoor
connections etc

with Silicone Grease.

Tap Guide
(Thread Cutting).

Tap Hole Size
(Thread Cutting).

History of Computing

Part 1
35,000 BC to 1942 AD

Part 2
1943 to 1971

Part 3
1972 to 1986

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