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comedian Thanks to all those people who have sent jokes in. Keep 'em coming!
But please remember, jokes that are unsuitable cannot be used.
These pages are meant for entertainment.
If you are offended by the content then I apologise.
The content is not the view of the club or its committee or members.
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Jokes Pages.

Aircraft Fun.

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio
'Anti Glossary'.

Animal Fun.

'Chav' Jokes.

Computer fun.


'Legal' funnies.

Motoring related Fun.

Office Jokes.

One Liners.

Other Jokes that didn't fit the categories.

School Jokes.

Senior Citizen Jokes.

Signs of fun.

Silly Advice.

Jokes from Christmas Crackers.

Limericks and Funny Poems.

EEWeb Cartoon.
This link will take you to the current one, previous ones are listed below it.

Amateur Radio Comics from Icom.

Screen Reader Fun

Supplied by one of our visually impaired members
Click here to enter. (new page).

April Foolery.

Spoof News Items.
Welsh Assembly Carrier Bag Charge Extension
Apple to sue BBC for Copyright Infringement

Spoof Antenna Project
A Stealth Directional Antenna for Top Band
or Any Band with scaling.
Spoof News Items.
Tx Tax,
Illeagal broadcasting prosecutions
and suppressed carrier CW!
Spoof History
of P T Thomas,
the inventer of the
PTT switch!

Funny Audio & Video Clips.

History of Communication.
(Audio from
The Goon Show).
"Ebay" song & video
by Weird Al Yankovic.

(on YouTube, opens in a new window).
Webcam Recording.
Recorded as I
work on the website.

Optical Illusions Fun.

Optical Illusions and pictures you may find difficult to believe!
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I'll Read Your Mind.
Usig simple playing cards!

A Quiz with
10 easy(?) questions.

No prizes for this one.
It was originally presented as a
Club Night activity in January 2011.


A simple play in the browser solitaire game.

A General Knowledge
Logic Quiz.

No prizes for this one.
It was originally presented as a
Club Night activity in October 2009.
A Quizword, laid out like a crossword but more of a quiz.

No prizes for this one.
It was originally presented as a
Club Night activity in March 2009.
An easy Crossword / Wordfit?

No prizes for this one, but is is fun,
especially if you can think laterally!

An easy 10 question Quiz,
or is it??

No prizes for this one, but is is fun!

Congratulations, Brian, you got 8/10 correct
on your 8th Grade Math test!

Ever popular game.
Draughts (Checkers)

Play it in your browser and see if you can beat the PC!

StupidTester.com says I'm 0% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!
Stupid tester.

(opens in a new window)
This is a fun test.
I am not responsible for your results!

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