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Free Rice.

Help end world hunger

What's this?     Free Rice?     There must be a catch!UM World Food Program logo

Well you won't be getting the rice. What happens is the rice is sent to the United Nations World Food Program, but it will only cost you a little time and you may well gain some free education as well!

All you have to do is visit the Free Rice website and play a simple game. There are several to choose from. Every correct answer wins a donation of 10 grains of rice. It doesn't sound much does it? Well in just 10 minutes I'd "earned" over 1000 grains.

Sounds like some kind of scam doesn't it? Well the Snopes Page about it says that it is true and the World Food Programme website has a video of the rice being distributed.

If you want more information click here for their FAQ page. Just 10 minutes of your time (or as long as you wish to play) can & does make a difference.

Help end world hunger

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