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Home build a Kenwood PG-5G cable.
By Brian, MW0GKX.

This lead is the serial data cable for connecting some Kenwood Mobile transceivers to a PC with serial port. It is also available as part of the PG-5H kit where it is supplied along with a PG-5A lead.

Parts List

cable layout P1 9 pin D socket with shroud.
P2 8 pin mini DIN plug.
Some 4 or 5 core shielded cable.

Making Up

Following the pictorial guide (right), solder wires between the relevant pins on each plug, not forgetting to slide the Mini DIN plug casing onto the cable before you start.

The diagram is colour coded as well as having the pin numbers marked on it, for example the Red connection goes from Mini DIN pin 5 to pin 3 on the 9 pin D socket. Plug views are of the mating surfaces.

If you have a 5 core plus shield cable, solder the shield to each plugs' metal casing. If the cable you have has 4 wires and a shield use the shield for the Mini DIN pin 4 to pin 5 on the 9 pin D (Ground)

After checking the soldering is good and there are no shorts or stray whiskers, assemble the shroud and cover around the plugs and you're ready to go.

Connecting to a PC without a serial port

This cable should work with USB to Serial adaptors.

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