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Make a PG-4Y adaptor for PC Programming.
By Brian, MW0GKX.

When used in conjunction with the PG-4S Programming lead this adaptor converts the PG-4S to a PG-4Y which allows programming of the Kenwood TH-G71, TH-F6, TH-F7, TK-K2 & TH-K7 radios and may suit other models too. If you just want to program the radios listed on this page you could replace the 6 pin mini DIN plug (on the PG-4s page) with the jack plugs and wire as shown, I've used the same colour scheme.

This adaptor and data cable can be used to upload and download memory data and radio settings etc. to / from a PC with the relevant software (Link 700 by WA3HRL is one such program) through the data socket (check your manual). Originally only available for the US market so may not work with other versions of these radios.

Schematic for PG-4S to PG-4Y adaptor

Parts List

S1 6 pin mini DIN socket
P1 3.5mm stereo jack plug.
P2 2.5mm stereo jack plug.
The jack plugs need to be "slim shouldered" types or they may not seat in the radio properly.
Connecting wire/cable to suit.

Making Up

Just follow the diagram. The mini DIN socket is viewed looking into it as if you were about to put the plug in. Note that only the sleeve of the 3.5mm plug and the ring and sleeve of the 2.5mm plug are used, no other connections should be made.

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