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Make an OPC-589 Microphone Adapter.
By Brian, MW0GKX.

I've labelled this project as moderate (orange) because it uses a modular plug, therefore requiring the use of specialised crimping pliers, otherwise it would have been easy (green).

This adapter allows the use of 8 Pin round Icom microphones on many Icom radios with the 8P8C modular socket. The image below shows the view of the 8P8C plug with the locking tab underneath and wire connectors toward you. The 8 Pin round socket is viewed looking into it as if you were about to put a plug in it.


8P8C modular plug.
8 pin round line socket (locking ring type)
8 core cable to suit.


1 Making a note of the order of the colours, crimp the modular plug onto the cable.
2 Cut the cable to the required length (if not already).
3 Slide the line socket body onto the cable.
4 Strip and tin the free end of the cable.
5 Using the notes made in step 1 and referring to the table below, solder the wires to the correct pins on the line socket.
6 Assemble the line socket once connections have been checked and whiskers have been removed.

8 pin Modular PlugPinSignalPin8 pin Round Socket
modular plug1+8v2round socket
2Frequency Up/Down3
3Audio out8
5Mic Ground7
6Mic Audio1
(PTT and other functions)

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