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Home build an OPC-476 cable
& How to Use.
By Brian, MW0GKX.

A little confusion here as several lists I have seen show this lead as an OPC-476 but the Icom IC-V68 IC-U68 Instruction & Programming Manual shows the OPC-476 being used with an MA-235SPJ adaptor at each end. This adaptor accepts a 3.5 mm stereo plug and converts to a 2.5 mm plug, the adaptors would make sense if used with the OPC-474 which has 3.5 mm stereo plugs, so was it a mis-print in the manual that others have seen and used as the correct number or, did Icom release the OPC-476 for this radio and soneone made an error in the manual, showing the way to connect the 474 but lablling it as a 476? You decide.

This lead is used by some Icom radios for copying data between 2 same model sets, connecting between the mic sockets. See Useage for a list of known compatables and links to instruction on how to clone.

This lead may also fit radios from other manufacturers.

Parts List:

2 × 2.5mm stereo jack plugs.
As much single core shielded (or similar) cable as is required for the length of the finished lead.


Assemble as shown diagrammatically below. Use the shield of the cable (if shielded) for the outer (Black) connection and don't forget to put the covers of the jack plugs on the cable before soldering (I've forgotten too many times myself)!
Be sure NOT to connect the tips to anything as damage to one or both of the transceivers could result.

cable layout


Listed radios may not be Amateur Radio Service radios.

Just select your radio from the list below for the cloning instructions. This is not a gauranteed complete list, others will be added as I discover them or as people let me know.

IC-U68, IC-V68

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