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Home build an OPC-1529R cable.
By Brian, MW0GKX.
With thanks to Setve, GW6CUR & Wayne GW1UDK, who both sent me the connection scheme.

My new Icom IC-E2820 uses an OPC-1529R cable for data communication (among other things) this same cable is also used by the IC-91, IC-2200, IC-V82, IC-U82 and probably others as well (ID-E880, see the bottom of the page). Here is how to make one (IC-2200, IC-V82 & IC-U82 users will find a connection diagram in their manual) and save around £20.


cable layout

UPDATED 24/8/08: I have had a "not very nice" email from somebody (an MM3 licence holder, who will remain nameless) to say that this lead does not work, he wasted time and money on the "bits" to make it and making it. He also said that he had to buy the proper Icom lead in the end, which worked perfectly.

In reply I have told him:

I have made several of these leads, see: Replacing the IC-2800 with an IC-E2820 where I included the OPC-1529R wiring along with speaker audio and the normal control head wiring in one cable (I have had DSTAR Comms contacts and programmed the raidio memories from a PC laptop, proving that it works). Also Dave, 2W0RUH, Steve, GW6CUR and Wayne, GW1UDK (just 3 that I know of) use leads that were made to this scheme, so if the one you make doesn't work check that:

  1. The plug sits fully home in the radio socket.
  2. All the connections go where they should (i.e. TX and RX are not crossed).
  3. There are no shorts (COM port damage could occur if there are shorts!).
  4. If using a USB - SERIAL adaptor, that the correct COM port is selected!

I include this here as the person concerned has mentioned that he will "rubbish" this website at every opportunity he gets. Good luck with that matey!

Further to the above, messages left in the Guest Book on 14 Feb 2009:

Hi Brian,

Your OPC-1529R cable works like a dream. I did have a problem initially but that was down to my poor construction technique. When I went back into it and tidied up my soldering etc it works VERY well and is operating my 91AD as I write.
I would urge others having a problem to review their work quality as I did.

Thanks and cheers

Peter VA3PRW

And on the 26 April 2009:

I found and made the OPC-1529R cable using the instructions you made. It works great! 73!

Brian, W2BJM

UPDATED 24/3/10: Lasse Haugen emailed me from Norway:
Hi, just wanted to tell you that the description for OPC-1529R works fine on my new Icom ID-E880 with the Cloning software Icom provide at their WEB site
Thanks. LA5PPA / Lasse

Thanks Peter, Brian and Lasse, glad to be of assistance and good to know that it's still getting world wide "thumbs up" nearly 2 years after first posting this project!

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