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Icom Programming Software & Leads Information.
Compiled from various sources by Brian, MW0GKX.
Thanks go to Declan Barry who sent me a speradsheet with much information that I was missing.

This page indexes the various Icom radios by model number. Clicking on a link will give a list of the radios in that section, along with the relevant PC programming software and the required lead(s) and adaptor(s), with links to how to make them where available. The lists are not complete but will be added to as I discover more information.

Not all the software is available for download from this site as much of it is still subject to copyright however, a "quick Google" should turn up the software required (either for sale or download). Where the software is available for free download from Icom I have included the link.

If you can't find the software take a look at: http://radiohelper2011.narod.ru/ or http://www.cqham.ru/sch_eng.html (this site has lots of makes, not just Icom, you'll need to go down the page a bit).

Some of the listed software requires the use of DOS, a floppy disk drive or is not compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows (or even all 3!).

If you are having difficulty tracking down a particular piece of software feel free to drop me a note at brian.mw0gkx@ntlworld.com and I'll see if I can help. I sorry but I cannot offer support for software on any external site, see the relevant manual / software help file for settings etc.

IC-(number). IC-A(number). IC-E(number). IC-F(number).
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IC-FR(number). IC-GM(number).

IC-H(number). IC-M(number).
IC-P(number). IC-Q(number).


IC-U(number). IC-V(number). IC-W(number). ID-(number).
Others not covered above.

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