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Make a Kenwood E30-3410-05 Cloning Cable.
By Brian, MW0GKX.

If you followed a Wouxun link and landed here it is because, I am informed, this Kenwood lead and the Wouxun "Wireclonecable" (that's what they call it in the "Chinglish" manuals) are the same lead.

This lead allows cloning of programmed data from one radio to another, see below for use on the radios that I know about.


2 × 2.5mm stereo jack plugs.
2 × 3.5mm stereo jack plugs.
3 core cable or 3 separate wires to suit (about a meter should do it).


Just connect as shown in the diagram below. Note that the red and green wires cross from the large plug at one end to the small plug at the other and vice-versa so, if using 3 core cable, a wire will have to "fly out" to go to the other plug.

The tip and ring of the 3.5 mm plugs and the tip of the 2.5 mm plugs are not connected to anything.

Don't forget to slide the plug casings on the wire befoe soldering!

Check for wire whiskers etc. before assembling the caese onto the plugs.

cable scheme


Just select your radio from the list below for the cloning instructions:

TK-260G, TK-270G, TK-272G, TK-360G, TK-370G, TK372G.


TK-2170, TK-3170, TK-3173.

For Wouxun compatibility and use see the Cloning (radio to radio) For Wouxun Radios Index page.

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