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Make an Alinco cloning cable.
By Brian, MW0GKX.

For Alinco Mic Wiring see: Alinco Mic Wiring page.

A lot of the Alinco hand held transceivers can use a cloning cable to copy the memory settings etc from one handset to another. Look below and see if yours is listed (if it's not and you have the handbook that tells you about the cloning feature, let me know so I can add it).

If you need help to enter cloning mode then just click on your tranceiver model number (if it is shown in BOLD type) for the information on how to do it.

All information is from radio handbooks that show the connections, please don't complain if it doesn't work as I have not personally tested them, but do let me know so I can amend the page.

DJ-175, DJ-190, DJ-191, DJ-193, DJ-195, DJ-196,
DJ-491, DJ-446, DJ-493, DJ-496,
DJ-593, DJ-596, DJ-596 MkII
DJ-S40, DJ-S446,
DJ-X3, DJ-X5, DJ-X30,
DR-135, DR-140,
DR-605, DR-620, DR-635,

See the Home build an OPC-474 cable page as the Icom OPC-474 and this Alinco lead are the same.

DJ-C6, DJ-C7,
DJ-X2, DJ-X7, DJ-X10, DJ-X2000.

For the cloning lead on these sets use a pair of 2.5mm stereo plugs connected tip to tip, ring to ring and sleeve to sleeve.

Also fits some Yaesu radios.

DJ-S17, DJ-S47,
DJ-V17, DJ-V446,

Plug is 3.5mm 4 pole type (screw in fitment for many radios), the lead is also known as Alinco part EDS-11.

Will also fit some Yaesu radios.

cable layout

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