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Capacitance Unit Converter.
Source code supplied by: www.electronics2000.co.uk © Simon Carter.

Different types of capacitors often have their values marked in different orders of magnitude and it is sometimes necessary to convert between them.

This calculator will convert between units commonly used for capacitance.
Enter the value to convert, and the units to convert from and to, click 'Convert' and the converted value will be shown on the right. A conversion table showing all the values can be found below the calculator.

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Microfarads (mF) Nanofarads (nF) Picofarads (pF)
0.000001 0.001 1
0.00001 0.01 10
0.0001 0.1 100
0.001 1 1000
0.01 10 10000
0.1 100 100000
1 1000 1000000
10 10000 10000000
100 100000 100000000

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