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General Programming Help.
OR: Getting the PC and radio to "talk" to each other.
by Brian, MW0GKX.

This page gives basic help if you cannot get your PC to "talk" to your radio. I cannot go into great depth with radios that I do not own but the basic connection issues are usually the same.

I assume that you are using a Windows based PC system and have a fair working knowledge of a PC, how to install and run programs (Windows and/or DOS, depending on what software you have), how to check the settings "under the bonnet" of the PC etc. If you do not understand what you are reading then seek the assistance of someone who understands these things, there is no "shame" in asking if you don't know!

If you are still having problems with getting your radio to talk to your PC perhaps you should either get an old PC with proper Serial ports and use it for programming or look at using 3rd party software that is compatible with both the version of Windows you are using and the radio(s) you wish to programme.

One last piece of advice: If you end up emailing someone to elicit assistance then give them as much detail as possible:

I have had emails in the past along the lines of "my PC can't read my radio, what shall I do?" (yes I had one that said exactly that!) which doesn't help the poor person the other end to trouble-shoot your problem at all. Remember you can see what is or is not happening, someone on the other end of an email is relying on you to give accurate information and feedback for example; the precise wording of an error message may lead to resolving the problem, just saying "an error message popped up" doesn't tell anyone what the error was.

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