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Cloning instructions For:
TK-7150, TK-8150.
TK-7150 / TK-8150
By Brian, MW0GKX.

Clone mode needs to be enabled for this to work, see the PC software for details.

  1. Turn the MASTER TK-7150 power ON with the [PF6] key (the right most key under the selector knob) held down. The radio displays "CLONE". If Firmware programming mode is inhibited by the FPU the transceiver enters User mode instead and you will need to allow the programming mode via the software and PC (KPG-79D software, Optional Features >> Common-Page 2 >> Clone).
    connection diagram
  2. Power on the SLAVE transceiver.

  3. Connect the cloning cable (No. E30-3382-05) to the modular microphone jacks on the MASTER and SLAVE (right).

  4. Press the [PF6] key on the MASTER while the MASTER displays "CLONE". The data of the MASTER is sent to the SLAVE. While the SLAVE is receiving the data, "PROGRAM" is displayed. When cloning of data is completed, the MASTER displays "END" and the SLAVE automatically reverts to User mode.
    The SLAVE now cotains the same programmed data as the MASTER.

  5. Other SLAVE(s) can be cloned while the MASTER is in CLONE mode, disconnect the newly programmed set, while the MASTER displays "END" press the [PF6] key and the display will change to "CLONE". Carry out the operations in steps 2 to 4.

  6. To end cloning, first you must remove the cloning cable then switch both MASTER and SLAVE radios off.

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