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Cloning instructions For:
By Brian, MW0GKX.

These radios use a lead that is the same as the Icom OPC-474
connection diagram

  1. With both radios off, connect the cloning cable to the remote jack of the MASTER and SLAVE transceivers (right).

  2. On both the SLAVE and the MASTER radio: Hold the [DIAL LOCK] key and turn them on.
    "CLonE" is displayed and the radios enter clone mode.

  3. On the MASTER press the [PTT].
    The MASTER displays "P" and counting numbers, showing that data is being transferred.
    When cloning is finished "GOOD" is displayed on the MASTER radio and the SLAVE reverts to normal operation.
    If "Err" and a number is displayed an error occurred, try again from the begining.

  4. Once cloning has completed sucessfully, turn power for both radios off and remove the connecting cable. When powered on again the radios will return to normal operation.

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