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Cloning instructions For:
By Brian, MW0GKX.

These radios use a lead that is 2 stereo 2.5 mm jack plugs wired tip to tip, ring to ring and sleeve to sleeve, which is shown on the Make an Alinco Cloning Cable page.
connection diagram

  1. With both radios off, connect the cloning cable to the headphone/speaker jack of the MASTER and SLAVE transceivers (right).

  2. Holding the [VOL / SQL] key of the MASTER radio, turn it on.
    "CLonE" appears on the display.

  3. Turn on the SLAVE normally.

  4. Press the [up arrow] on the MASTER and the data is sent to the SLAVE.
    "Sd . . ." is displayed on the MASTER.
    "Ld . . ." is displayed on the SLAVE.
    When cloning is finished "PASS" is displayed on both radios.
    If "Error" or "CoMErr" shows on the display there was a problem with the transfer, try again, ensuring that the cable is seated correctly and that no buttons are pressed while the transfer takes place.

  5. Once cloning is complete another SLAVE can be cloned by switching off and disconnecting the cloned SLAVE, connecting another SLAVE and repeat from step 3.

  6. Once cloning has completed sucessfully, turn power for both radios off and remove the connecting cable. When powered on again the radios will return to normal operation.

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