Highfields Amateur Radio Club
About the Club.

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What We Do.

Hmmmm. Better to ask what we don't do! Club activities have, in the past, included (in no particular order): Demonstration Special Event Station

members chatting The list goes on, but you get the idea. Basically if a member has an idea for an event and passes it on to the Program Manager of the Committee, we'll listen, plan and, wherever possible, see it through to the subject of the idea taking place!

Our weekly meetings are, generally, a social meeting. In these gatherings there is a wealth of knowledge, advice and experience on many aspects of the hobby plus, of course, related subjects such as computing, power supplying and security. On occasion equipment is brought along to demonstrate the finer points of its' operation to other owners who are having a problem. Helping with a radio operational problem Chances are if a member has a problem, another member has solved it previously for themselves (or more than one member has solved it in different ways, giving the troubled member various options).

Once a month we like to have an "Activity Evening" which could be a Talk, Demonstration or even a Quiz (see Fun & Games for examples of some past quizzes). Take a look at our Activities Scrapbook page to see more about what we've done (started January 2010).

Interested in joining us? Take a look at the Club Constitution (PDF document, 3 pages, 171 kb) and the Join the Highfields ARC page.

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