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Special Events.

A big thank you to the people who have supplied the photos in this section.

If you have any that you want displayed, Let Me Know. I can accept emailed digital or CDROMs / DVDROMs in most picture formats or "proper" photos (I will scan and return them). Information to accompany photos is most welcome too!

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The 30th anniversary cake
30th Anniversary Cake

Regional Club of the Year Trophy
Club of the Year 2009 Presentation.

(6 photos).

The Shack
Shack Warming 2009.

(Article Page)
(3 photos).

Christmas Party 2008
Christmas Party 2008.

(Article Page)
(11 photos, 2 other images).

GB0SPE summer festival
GB0SPE 2007.

St Phillip Evans
Summer Festival
(4 photos).

Last night at the disabled centre
Last Meeting

at the Disabled Center
(Article Page)
(19 'clickable' photos).
Miskin Mill 2006
Miskin Mill 2006.

Miskin Mill activation
(7 photos).
Club members with mobile shack
Caravan Shack

in Roath park
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