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St Philip Evans Fete
July 2007

Although we didn't have too much time for planning the event on the 21st July, some events being planned months, if not years, in advance, the club made a good showing of Amateur Radio at this local fete, explaining to the interested what was happening, etc.

There were a few contacts made on VHF and some on HF, despite the rather loud music from the 'disco'. I thought I would never say this but a contest that day would have been good, if only to increase the contact rate!

The weather was kind to us, whilst cool and cloudy most of the day we only experienced a few spots of precipitation.

Thanks to Steve & Caroline, James, Ray, Wayne, Selwyn and Brian & Denise the small event went quite smoothly and, I think, was enjoyed by all. Also thanks to Robin for the photos in the Special Event section.

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