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Club FT-847 Purchase.
March 2010

Work Carried Out.
May 2010

Selwyn's (2W0AXG) Yaesu FT-847 has been purchased for the Club in readiness for the impending release of the voice add-on (FVS-1A equivalent) from Piexx (they have said it would be available soon) so that our visually impaired members can have access more bands.

Currently the radio is on my bench having it's power switch replaced (a common fault with this model, Selwyn had sourced a replacement switch but not gotten around to fitting it due to his ill health, he did supply it with the radio though).

Also the radio coverage is being expanded to cover the portion of the 40 Meter band that is not presently accessible.

While the radio is on the bench I'll give it a quick service, cleaning out any dust etc. so that it is in fine fettle when it comes to be used.

Work Carried Out
May 2010

The power switch has been replaced and a Yaesu suggested modification was carried out to (try to) stop the switch burning out again (an article about this was posted in the repairs section: Yaesu FT-847 Power switch replacement and modification. once it was done).

The radio was given a quick service to clean out the collected dust etc. and transmission coverage was also opened up to cover the portion of the 7Mhz segment that was not available for us to use at the time the radio was manufactured. As the radio is now able to transmit out of band a card has been attached to the radio with all the information on to ensure that the operator can keep within legal requirements without having to learn the schedule to the licence by heart!

The Piexx speech chip is still not available as yet but there is a work-around for this: a CAT lead has been made for the radio and, in conjunction with a laptop or netbook running Ham Radio Deluxe and a USB to Serial adaptor, the radio can speak the frequency, mode and other select information via the computer.

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