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Highfields ARC is on the move again.
September 2008

Due to problems encountered with permissions for antennas radio shack a more amenable venue has been sought for the club.

After an open forum on 5th September 2008 it was decided that the Rhiwbina Recreation Club would be a good move. The ground work has been done by Rob, ZHM, and Dave, MWL, and permission for antennas and shack have already been given.

On site facilities include a car park (covered by CCTV), a bar, a seperate room for training and exams and all at a greatly reduced charge than we are currently paying for the use of a single room! The only possible draw-back is that the meeting day would have to change to a Tuesday.

No objections were raised by those members present on either issue. Members that were not present had had oppertunity to read about the possible move in the Newsletter published on this site last Sunday and contact the committee with any objections. No objections were forthcoming, so the move is on.

Date for your diary: Tuesday 23rd September 2008. This will be the first meeting at the new venue.
Anyone not sure of the location? There is a map here that includes a link to the bus time table for the relevant services, if you require it.

Club Move Update.
October 2008

There was some talk after the first meeting in our new venue about, maybe, changing to a Monday so we didn't clash with the chess club and could use the other bar (not the Lounge as per the first meeting). This has been resolved by Gareth (or Gary?), the steward of the RRC, and we will continue to meet on Tuesday in that other bar, other functions allowing. Thanks Gareth.

We, as a club, will no longer be selling refreshments at the meetings. The bar has a range of alcoholic and soft drinks, also tea and coffee and "bar snacks" available. That will give Denise (2W0BDX) and Jackie (2W1YEG) more time to socialise, instead of being busy in the kitchen.

The radio equipment will be installed in the "Wendy House" so any radio operations do not interfere with, nor are interfered with by, other activities going on at the time.

The radio equipment will be kept in secure storage in the main building when not in use, which is, in turn, alarmed when the site is closed.

Examination of the facilities for Radio Examination Centre status was successful and Intermediate Licence training will start on Saturday 4 Oct, at 18:30 local in the "Wendy House". Current "class" size is limited to 4 trainees as there is limited room from an examination point of view, it being noted that, with reasonable separation between candidates, 4 would be the maximum number allowed at any one time.
The first course is fully booked with Dan (UZO), Leo (FJL), Ray (NKG) and Steve (ZWO). We wish them well with that.

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