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(03/14) AGM Report
(03/13) President SK
(03/13) Newsletter Ceased
(10/12) President Very Ill
(09/12) New Vice President
(08/12) New Chairman
(06/12) Secretary Found
(06/12) Sad News
(04/12) An Apology
(02/12) Changes to QSL system
(01/11) Wales QSL Manager Change
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AGM Report

Well, the AGM was held on 25 March at Rhiwbina. What more can I say?

The Chairman opened the meeting with his decision that he was to step down, due to personal reasons, it was not known whether the Secretary would continue (not present at the meeting due to other commitments), the Treasurer was also not in attendance but had prepared a statement of account and had stated to various members that he would be willing to continue for the next year.

The Acting President (I believe he's still acting, I have heard of no formal vote to raise him to President as yet) took over the meeting and tried to get a new Chairman to step forward, I'm not sure if it was significant but he gave me some very hard and long looks as he spoke on how simple it was to do (I thought I was imagining it but a couple of others mentioned it after the meeting, so it wasn't just me then! Also, I know what the Chairman should do, I have held the position previously!). Eventually the matter of a new Chairman was left "in limbo" for a while to continue with the agenda (as the voting stage had not been reached yet).

A report from the Webmaster next. I started with the fact that my partner and I had split up, which meant I was now living in temporary accommodation (a hostel) and had no internet connection. A webmaster with no access to the web? - not a good idea! The Acting President's reaction to this news set me back a bit as it seemed derisive. A suggestion that I could use the Rhiwbina broadband had me "won over" to continue, BUT I do NEED to know what is going on (if I don't know what's coming up I can't post it, then members complain to me that they knew nothing about the event that happened "last week" and I confess that I was as in the dark as they were!) and, as a member of the Committee Officers, I should be included in meetings.

When it came to the crunch, Glyn Jones stepped up to the plate regarding Chairmanship, so the current Committee and other posts stands as:

President SK

The Club Life President, Sid Hudson, GW0NQQ, has passed away in hospital.

Newsletter Ceased

I know that several people wished for the newsletter to continue but due to lack of articles I have decided not to produce any further newsletters for the time being.

If anyone would like to take it on then feel free to do so.

President's Ill Health

The Club Life President, Sid Hudson, GW0NQQ, is in hospital (Heath, Cardiff) with various ills at the moment.

It was reported to me by his daughter-in-law that he had suffered a massive heart attack while in hospital for other problems. I have delivered a "Get Well" card to him on behalf of the Club and we await further developments. His daughter-in law has said that she will keep me posted with any developments as they happen.

New Vice President

The Club now has a Vice President. David Thomas, GW3RWX, who was one of the founder members of the Club, has been so helpful in the re-organisation and re-juvination of the Club recently that the Chairman, Dave MW0MWL, thought that he should be made Vice President.

Dave (chairman) contacted the Life President Sid Hudson, GW0NQQ, for his views on the matter only to discover that Sid is unwell and unable to take the phone call. Dave received assurance from Sid's son that the appointment of a Vice President should be OK with his father.

Dave called a mini-meeting on Tuesday September 4 at the Club and explained the situation to all present. A unanimous vote "FOR" the appointment of GW3RWX as Vice President was recorded with no abstainers.

The Committee page has been updated to reflect the change.

New Chairman

The resignation of Andrew, 2W0MGB, earlier this year left us without a Chairman. An EGM was called for 21 August and the result was that Dave Mead, MW0MWL was unanimously voted in as Chairman with no abstainers.

The Committee page has been updated to reflect the change.

Secretary Found

The post of Secretary has been filled by Marc, MW6SEF, who was accepted by all the members present at the Committee meeting on 26 March 2012.

Sad News

Andrew has informed me that local amateur Charlie Probert, GW3YSF, sadly passed away on the 22 June 2012.

Charlie lived in the Blackwood area and was well known for being an enjoyable person. He was a "white stick" operator, his loss of sight caused in a mining accident in 1966. He didn't let this spoil his life and had a very active social life.

Charlie had been ill for some time. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

An Apology

The 2 items of news that were reported here on 26 March were actually April Fools items and have now been moved to the Fun and Games area.

QSL System Changes

From April 1 2012 the RSGB are making changes to the way the QSL Bureau be handling QSL cards.

Up to now Club member's calls have been lodged with the Bureau sub manager(s) and any cards received were sent to the Club QSL Manager to be passed to the member. This service, which saved postage and envelope costs for our members, must now, regrettably, cease.

Club members who are RSGB members will need to send addressed C5 sized envelopes with postage affixed to the QSL Sub Manager.

Club members who are not a member of the RSGB but would like to receive QSL cards via the RSGB Bureau will have to register for the service, paying a registration fee, and also send addressed C5 sized envelopes with postage affixed to the QSL Sub Manager. The subscription fee will cover all UK callsigns you hold but is restricted to a single UK address for receipt and the callsigns must be registered to you (for example if there are 4 of you living at the same address you will each have to register/pay separately. If you personally have 2, 3 or more calls all registered at the same address then only 1 fee is payable). Payment by credit or debit card or by direct debit are accepted.

For further details and to register see:
RSGB QSL Receive Service

To get the details of your Bureau Sub Manager see:
List of QSL Sub Managers

Full details of the new system and requirements are expected to appear on the RSGB site in the QSL area soon (http://www.rsgb.org/qsl).

Website and E-mail

If you checked the website around the end of last week (17 March on) you may have noticed a problem or two. These should all now have been resolved with a change of hosting company, re-editing the site and uploading to a new server. If you do notice any problems while visiting the site let me know (webmaster@highfields-arc.co.uk) and I'll sort it out.

One of the benefits of the new host is that the Club can now offer its members personal e-mail facilities, an e-mail address i.e. your callsign @highfields-arc.co.uk can be set up for your use. The server allows leading numbers (unlike some) so addresses like 2w0bdw@highfields-arc.co.uk (try it, it is live and don't worry it is registered to me) are valid. Forwarding is also an option so if you upgrade your licence you can upgrade your email and still receive messages sent to your "old" address too.

The e-mail server is compatible with most e-mail client software (Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Mail etc.) and is also accessible via a web interface (webmail) so you can check your email whilst away from your home machine. There will be no charge for this facility for Club Members.

Contact the webmaster@highfields-arc.co.uk for more details or to apply for your e-mail box (Club Members only please, any non members who wish to apply will be required to join the Club before the facility can be made available to them).

Wales QSL Manager Change

You may have read in the January issue of RadCom about the change to the QSL Bureau Sub-Manager for Wales. All Welsh calls (GW, MW & 2W) are now being handled by Lloyd Thomas, 2W0LLT, who used to handle just the 2W series of calls.

GB3BC Malicious Interference.

Those of you within the footprint of the GB3BC 2 Meter Repeater will be aware of the illegal and malicious interference being caused to legitimate traffic on the repeater.

I can report that there is a small group of Radio Amateurs that have had enough of this situation and have taken a pro-active stance on this.

The offending signals are being tracked back to their origin and reports of the observations of the interference, and the originating locations, are then handed to Ofcom, who are taking the necessary legal steps to remove the offenders from the airwaves.

What this means to the offenders is that they could lose their Amateur Radio Licence (and possibly any other Radio Licences they hold), possibly lose the chance of ever being able to hold one again, have all their equipment seized and forfeited, be presented with a fine and end up with a criminal record.

One recent offender has been tracked down to a location in the North of Bridgend and reports have been filed. Others are pending.

If you receive VERY strong interfering signals on the input frequency (145.150) and you have UHF capability a quick check on 435.450 (the third harmonic) will tell you if they are VERY close to you.

If you wish to report signal levels, dates and times observed etc (and please include at least the date, time, your location, frequency and signal strength) then either go to the GB3BC Website and report it to one of the email addresses shown.

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