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Joining the Highfields Amateur Radio Club.

Membership is open to all Radio Amateurs and Short Wave Listeners aged 18 years of age or over. Younger (junior) members are allowed as part of a Family Membership, but shall be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian at all times and the Parent or Guardian shall be responsable for that junior members' conduct.

From 2013 the membership period will run from 1 April to 31 March each year (renewals will be welcomed from December but should be paid by 1 April) and joining the Highfields Amateur Radio Club is easy:

  1. If you are free on a Tuesday evening and not far away, then pop in and see us at the Rhiwbina Recreation Club (link to full address and map etc.), we don't bite!

  2. If you're not free on a Tuesday evening or live too far away to make it to the Club meetings, contact a Committe Member via email.
Map showing, approximately, the 25 mile radius

There is no "Joining Fee" as is charged by some other Clubs, nor is there a weekly charge. A raffle may be held but it is optional, not mandatory.

For the Club year starting on 1 April 2013 Membership Fees will be:

From April 2013 Full Membership (whether Single or Family) Includes full membership to the Rhiwbina Recreation Club (RRC) as a Social Member (Family members please note that a "couple" membership will be made to Rhiwbina Recreation Club, this requires 2 named adults residing at the same address. Please indicate the second adult's name to appear on the Rhiwbina Recreation Club forms in the appropriate place on the Highfields-ARC application form. If no second adult is noted then a single membership for RRC will be made).

Family Membership Is available to persons living in the same household, whether related or not.

Associate Membership Is available to persons whose normal residence is outside of a 25 mile radius from the Club in Cardiff. An approximation of this distance is shown by the red line on the map.
Applicants within England that would fall within the 25 mile radius (but would need to swim to meetings!) are also eligible for Associate Membership.
Proof of residency may be required before membership is granted.
NOTE: Associate membership of Highfields ARC does not include membership to Rhiwbina Recreation Club as a Social Member

Non UK Applications Applicants from around the world are welcome to apply for Associate Membership (or even Full Membership if they wish) but please ensure that the payment is made in Pounds Sterling and that sufficient currency is sent to meet any relevant charges.

Application Form. If you wish to fill out an application form to bring along with you, just print out, fill it in and bring it along.

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