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About Our Club & History.

The Present.

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Highfields A.R.C. is affiliated to the RSGB. Click on their logo or name to visit their website.

We are a very active club with some 30 current members, around two thirds of which attend the club on a regular basis. Many have disabilities and there are all ages represented, one licensed regular is just 10 years old, so there is no need to be shy, come along I'm sure you will fit in.

Club meetings are on a Tuesday evening from 18.30 till 21.00 (approx) at Rhiwbina Recreation Club, Lon-Y-Dail, Rhiwbina, CARDIFF, CF14 6EA. (MAP)See the Activities page for more details of club related events.

Club History:

The Beginnings.

In 1981, the International Year of the Disabled, a Mr Cyril Parsons (GW8NP), a past president of the Radio Socoiety of Great Britian (RSGB), phoned the manager of the Highfields Centre, a Mr Sid Hudson (later to become GW0NQQ), to enquire if any members of the Centre would be interested in Amateur Radio, as David Thomas (GW3RWX and an ex BBC engineer) had proposed the idea of setting up a Radio Club in the Disabled Centre to him.

Sid set up a client committee meeting with Cyril to discuss the hobby. After the meeting the Chairman of the committee reported to Sid that although they were unsure about the hobby the gentleman had taken the time and trouble to come and see them so they would give it a try.

An RAE course was arranged with Dan Adams from Barry Radio Club. He was the Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at Barry Technical College. Dan set up a London City and Guilds Exam Centre in the Disabled Centre and contacts were made with local Radio Amateurs who kindly set up a shack.

Very soon, and with those Amateurs help, the Highfields Amateur Radio Club was formed. John Read (GW8TKQ / MW3JFR), Treasurer of the Cardiff Rotary Club, gave the newly formed Highfields Amateur Radio Club £600.00 to buy some equipment to set up the original station. Some of those original members are still with the club today. Sadly John Read, who later became a club member, died in March 2007.

The Shack opens.

The Radio Shack was officially opened by John Darren, a well known TV presenter of the time, and was attended by Councillors and Officials from Social Services, also by members of The Friends of Highfields Committee, who provided much of the funding for the shack equipment. The opening was filmed by Harlech TV and the BBC.

Many thanks to Sid Hudson, GW0NQQ, for his memory.
Additional information from Tom Roberts, GW0WHT.

As was mentioned at the top of the page, the club is affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and can boast that 3 of its previous members have been Presidents of the RSGB, (an article appeared in RadCom in October 2003 about this, you can read the article here (opens in a new window)), they were:

CyrilCyril H Parsons GW8NP. Founder member of the Highfields ARC. RSGB president in 1975. The club is proud to be the holder of his callsign as a lasting memorial to him.

JohnEwart J Case GW4HWR. RSGB president in 1991.

CliveClive Trotman GW4YKL. RSGB president in 1995.

The End of an Era.

Steve locks up after us for the last time

It was with saddness that on 29th June 2007, the doors closed on the Highfields ARC at the Highfields Disabled Centre for the last time.

It was a very well attended meeting with over 40 people present, thanks to all of you for coming.

A presentation by our President, and once manager of the centre, Sid, GW0NQQ, to Steve, the caretaker of the centre, as a thank you from the club for all his help and patience over the years. You can read more about this momentous occasion on the final meeting at the disabled centre page in the photos area.

Llanishen Scout Hall.

We spent nearly 3 months at the Llanishen Scout Hall but, unfortunately, problems came to light that were unforseen before the move, forcing a move to another location.

St Philip Evans Church Hall.

Due to even more unforseen issues and problems, the replacement venue of St Philip Evans Church Hall became not so favourable as it had, at first, seemed. Despite assurances to the effect of antenna permission and space for the radio cupboard nothing concrete had happened in nearly a year so, it was decided to look around for a more amenable site.

Rhiwbina Recreation Club.

It is hoped by all that the latest venue at the Rhiwbina Recreation Club will be better for the club in the future. Access, parking and space do not seem to be a problem and the "powers that be" are aware of our needs.

We have been accommodated with antenna and radio space. Tutoring and exams are taking place in the "Wendy House", which is separate from the main building and, therefore, a good and usually quiet place to study. The "Wendy House" is also the club shack which was finally ready for HF, VHF & UHF working in early August 2009.

The Future.

After the move from the Highfields Disabled Centre and the other venues, we hope that the club will be able to go from strength to strength, overcoming any further obstacles placed in its' way.
Highfields lives on in name and in spirit, if not in bricks and mortar!

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