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Intermediate Index and Syllabus.
Edited by Brian MW0GKX.

This Index is laid out as an abbreviated syllabus. The full syllabus for the relevant section (some of which have been broken down into more managable parts) is at the top of that page.

More will be added as the weeks progress.

Within the sections you will find links to other areas of this site for further reading. These links are extras for your further understanding and offer more detail than the Intermediate Licence Exam requires. I suggest that you use them to further your knowledge and understanding after you have taken the exam so as not to confuse yourself.

1. Amateur Radio

2. Licensing Conditions

3. Technical Basics
The circuit symbols shown in Table 1 (page) will be used and candidates will be expected to recognise them.

4. Transmitters and Receivers

5. Feeders and Antennas

6. Propagation.

7. EMC.

8. Operating Practices and Procedures (Split into 2 sections:)

9. Safety

10. Construction

Notes to the Syllabus:

  1. In the detailed syllabus at the head of each sub page, you will come across 2 different levels of comprehension:
    • Recall indicates the need to remember a fact and apply it fairly directly to a question or situation. A thorough understanding of why the fact is so and the full range of circumstances in which it is applicable is not required, but questions will expect a basic understanding.
    • Understand indicates the need for a more detailed knowledge of the subject, understanding why the point is correct and the range of circumstances in which it is relevant and applicable.

  2. Examination questions may assume background knowledge of the basic principles from all parts of the Foundation and Intermediate syllabuses, questions themselves will be clearly aimed at the relevant syllabus items.

  3. It will be assumed that the candidate has some familiarity with operating practices and procedures as covered in the Foundation practical assessment and exam specification.

  4. Some time spent on-air either as a listener or as an operator at Foundation level will be advantageous in understanding the purpose and context of syllabus items and examination questions.
Syllabus as supplied by the
Radio Communications Foundation (issue 5a)
Syllabus Copyright RCF.
For Examinations held after 1 June 2009.

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