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Getting Started - The Next Step

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Intermediate Licence. Building on the Foundation. Electronics basics.

This is where we start to get our teeth into the workings. We learn about basic electronics with simple math theory followed by practical exercises to 'prove' the calculations.

We learn more about the workings of the equipment we are using and about some of the equipment used to fault find and repair in the event of a breakdown. We also learn soldering techniques and more about safety issues.

Pratical training includes soldering and the construction of a kit is part of that module.

Successful completion of the practical assessment and the 45 question multiple choice exam, 27 correct is a pass, will enable you to get a licence that allows you to use up to 50 Watts on over 20 bands. Also you will no longer be restricted to using commercially available equipment, you can now repair and modify your own equipment.

Need help with your training? see: Training Links page for On-Line assistance.

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