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Battery Details.

This battery is not usually on sale to the general public, although you can get hold of them if you look hard enough.
The LR932 is used in the construction of the A23 and there are several "hacks" (here's one) showing how to get 8 of these from an A23.
There are no listed equivalents or other details that I can find, however I've split an A23 and added the details for this cell.

Some sources claim that this cell is equivalent to a 395 but a quick check shows the 395 is 2.6 mm thick, not 3.1 mm. Close but no banana! the difference could be made up with some folded aluminium cooking foil perhaps?


None Known. If you know differently, please let me know!

not to scale.
Diameter × Thickness.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery LR932. 9.5 mm × 3.1 mm

Case and flat base Positive.
Raised area Negative.

Alkaline. 1.5 volts
(40 mAh).

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