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Glossary Appendix.
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Battery Details.

The differences between LR and SR cells:

LR cells are Alkaline Manganese based and have a lower energy density or capacity and are 1.5volts.
SR cells are Silver Oxide based, have a higher energy density or capacity and are 1.55volts.
See the Notes page for more info.

Same physical size as the RED Hearing Aid battery (1.35 Volt Zinc Air).


080-D39, 50, 179, 280-59, 379, 379-1, 379A, 379L, 618, 1191SO, 28059, AG0, CX63, CX521, D379, E379, G0A, GP79, GP379, JA, L521, LR521, LR63, RW327, SB-AC, SB-AC/DC, SB-DC, SG0, S379, SP379, SR63, SR521, SR521SW, V379, V566,

not to scale.
Diameter × Thickness.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery LR63. 5.8 mm × 2.1 mm

Case and flat side Positive.
Slightly raised area Negative.


Silver Oxide (Ag2O).

1.5 volts
(14 mAh).

1.55 volts(Ag2O).

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