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Battery Details.

The differences between LR and SR cells:

LR cells are Alkaline Manganese based and have a lower energy density or capacity and are 1.5volts.
SR cells are Silver Oxide based, have a higher energy density or capacity and are 1.55volts.
See the Notes page for more info.

Do not confuse with this other battery listed as "6"
6 (6 IGNS, 6 IGN. S, 6 IGN Screw, EN6, EN6S, IF6, HS6, IS6, No.6, Number 6).

Do not confuse with this other battery listed as "226"
226 9 volt battery

Do not confuse with this other battery listed as "D"
"D" battery.

Some sources list this as "86A" & "GP86" while other sources cross reference the LR44 as "86A" & "GP86". Both are 11.6 mm diameter, the difference being the thickness; 4.2 mm for LR43, 5.4 mm for LR44.

Alkaline or Silver Oxide replacement for the banned Mercury type.

There is no voltage compatable equivalent that I can find for the banned Mercury type, but the Alkaline or Silver Oxide types should be fine for most applications.


080-D02, 080-D04, 1, 4, 6, 10L124, 41, 86A, 120, 120TC, 124, 186, 186-1, 186AB, 226, 260, 280-01, 280-11, 280-21, 280-41, 280-47, 301, 301-1, 301A, 354, 386, 386-1, 386A, 508, 528, 548, 568, 1167A, 1132SO, 1133SO, 1153M, 1183SO, 7001Z, 28001, 28021, 28041, 28047, AG12, BSR43L, CX43, D, D186A, D226, D260, D301, D301/386, D301/386B, D386, D386/301, E301, E386, G12, G12A, G15R, GP86, GP86A, GP186, GP301, GP386, GS12, H, HG12, KA43, KS386, L1142, LR1142, LR43, MR43, MR1142, MS41H, PR43, R386/6, RS41G, RW34, RW44, RW54, RW84, S04, S07, S41E, S386, S1142, S1142E, SB-A8, SB-B8, SB-C8, SB-CB, SB-D8, SG12, SP41, SP301, SP386, SR1142, SR43, SR43L, SR43SW, SR43W, SR434W, V12GA, V12GS, V14GA, V41HS, V226, V301, V354, V386, V528, V548, WG12, WGS12, WL11, WL-11, WM10, WM11, WS10, WS11, WS-11,

not to scale.
Diameter × Thickness.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery LR43. 11.6 mm × 4.2 mm

Case and flat side Positive.
Slightly raised area Negative.


Silver Oxide (Ag2O).

1.5 volts
(120 mAh),

1.55 volts
(125 mAh)

(1.35 volts Mercury).

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