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Battery Details.

The differences between LR and SR cells:

LR cells are Alkaline Manganese based and have a lower energy density or capacity and are 1.5volts.
SR cells are Silver Oxide based, have a higher energy density or capacity and are 1.55volts.
See the Notes page for more info.

Do not confuse with these other batteries listed as "5" LR42.
Do not confuse with these other batteries listed as "393" LR48.
Do not confuse this (Timex) K button cell with the Kodak K 4.5 volt battery for 110 type cameras.

Alkaline or Silver Oxide replacement for the banned Mercury type.

There is no voltage compatable equivalent that I can find for the banned Mercury type except for the Brown Hearing aid battery, which is unsutable for some applications due to little or no air reaching the battery once fitted (check your application). The Alkaline or Silver Oxide types should be fine for most applications.


080-D01, 080-D05, 2, 5, 6UDC, 10, 10L15, 10L125, 10SL19, 13, 18, 80-02, 92A, 192, 247, 247B, 280-02, 280-13, 280-18, 325, 325-1, 384, 384-1, 392, 392-1, 392A, 393, 507, 527, 547, 567, 4261, 1135SO, 1134SO, 1155M, 1179SO, 28002, 28013, 28018, AG3, CX41, D384, D384/392, D392, D392/384, E384, E392, G3, G3-A, G3A, GP84, GP92, GP192, GP384, GP392, GS3, H3, H736, HG3, HM-A, HS-A, K, K384, K392, LR41, L736, LR736, MR41, MR736, MS312, NR41, R384/10, RW37, RW47, RW57, RW87, S22, S312E, S315E, S736, SB-AL, SB-A1, SB-A1/D1, SB-B1, SB-C1, SB-D1, SB-DI, SB-E1, SG3, SP384, SP392, SR41, SR41W, SR41SW, SR736, SR736PW, SR736SW, TR41SW, V3GA, V36A, V325, V384, V392, V527, V547, WF-3, WG3, WH, WH1, WH-1, WL1, WL-1, WM5, WS1, WS4,

not to scale.
Diameter × Thickness.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery LR41. 7.9 mm × 3.6 mm

Case and flat side Positive.
Slightly raised area Negative.


Silver Oxide (Ag2O).

1.5 volts
(45 mAh),

1.55 volts
(46 mAh)(Ag2O),

(1.35 volts discontinued Mercury).

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