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Glossary Appendix.
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Battery Details.

There is a difference between the 2477 types and the 2477N types.
If you look at the drawings below you will see that the 2477 types (left) are the standard coin cell shape, while the 2477N types (right) are the full diameter at the Positive base and for only 2.4 mm and then are a reduced diameter (22.4 mm) for the remainder of their height to the Negative contact. Some applications accept either battery while others will require the correct type for fitment.

battery     battery


BR2477, BR2477N, BR2477-1W, BR2477N-1W, CR2477, CR2477N, CR2477T, DL2477, DL2477N, ECR2477, ECR2477N, KCR2477, KCR2477N, LITH-32, LITH32PANA, LM2477, LM2477N, P120ND,

not to scale.
Diameter × Thickness.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
See Above CR2477. 24.5 mm × 7.7 mm

Case and flat base Positive.
Slightly raised area Negative.

Lithium, 3 volts

(1000 mAh for CR2477T).

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