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Battery Details.

Do not confuse with these other batteries listed as "42"
LR44 (RW42); 333 (42); LR42 (CX, MR & SR42).

This battery is unobtainable now. If anyone has further data on this battery please email me and I'll update this page.

A possible replacement that will fit in the physical dimension of the AD42 is a 6 × "C" cell holder with a dummy cell made from an old bolt, 50 mm long, wrapped with card to bulk out the diameter in one of the positions, giving 5 actual cells (7.5 volts) (or a 5 cell holder, if you can find one!).


AD42, Alldry 42, H1190, K788, L5058,

not to scale.

Height × Width × Length.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery AD42. 159 mm × 44.5 mm × 89 mm.

Polarity marked holes for pins.

Carbon Zinc. 7.5 volts.

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