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Glossary Appendix.
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Battery Details.

These batteries are usually made from 8 LR932 cells stacked up in a case to hold it all together.


8F10R, 8LR23, 8LR932, 23A, 23GA, 1181A, A23, A23BP, CA20, CA23, E23A, GP12A, GP23A, GP23AE, GP-23A, K23A, L1028, LR23, LR23A, LRV08, LRV08PA, LRVO8, MN21, MN21/23 MN23, MS21, RVO8, V23, V23GA, VA32GA, VR22,

not to scale.
Length × Diameter.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery A23. 28.9 mm × 10.3 mm

Contacts: Raised area Positive.
Flat Negative on opposite end.

Zinc Carbon or, more commonly, Alkaline. 12 volts
(40 mAh).

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