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Glossary Appendix.
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Battery Details.

The Lithium Thyonyl Chloride 2/3A can replace the CR123 in low current situations but should NEVER be used for cameras.
The CR123 can replace 2/3A Lithium Thyonyl Chloride (LiSocl2), where the extra .6 of a volt is non critical, the CR123 lasting longer.

About the Chemistry:

NOTE: These Lithium types are NOT rechargeable, they are single use batteries.


123, 123A, 23-155, 5018LC, BA-5123, BR-2/3A, Camera Battery, CR123, CR123A, CR-123, CR-123APA, CR-123AW/2BE, CR17335, CR17335SE, CR17354, CR23, DL123, DL123A, DL123A-1, DL123A2, DL123A-2, DL2/3A, EL123, EL123A, EL123AP, EL123AP-2, EL123APBP, ER2/3A, K123A, K123LA, KL123LA, L123A, LR123, PR123A, RCR-123A, RL123, RL123A, RL123A-1, RL123A-2, SF12-BB, SF123, SF123A, T32/51, V123, VL123, VL123A,

not to scale.
Length × Diameter.
Chemical Composition. Nominal Voltage.
battery 123. 34.5 mm × 17.1 mm

Contacts: Raised "pip" Positive. Flat base Negative.

Lithium, 3 volts.
1300 mAh

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