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Glossary Appendix:
Battery Equivalents: Button and Coin cells.

As copied by several eBay sellers without even a mention!
even going as far as to list Alkaline cells as 1.5, 1.55, 1.35 volts!

For Consumer and Specialist Types see: Consumer and Specialist Types.
For Amateur Radio Hand Held Battery Packs see: Hand Held Equivalents
Glossary Index & Appendices.

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For a good printable version see the PDF version (6 pages / 61 kB) kindly edited by Derek Shoreman
(includes Consumer and Button types).
For newest additions, updates, error corrections etc see: mw0gkx.co.uk/batteries/index.html (external site).

There is a page of notes to go with these equivalents pages. They are not a necessary read but do give an insight into the battery world.

If you have a button (watch) type battery or coin type battery and you can't read the numbers (some stampings are very faint), take a look at the Button and Coin Battery Size Chart.

Browse down the list or, to quickly find your battery:

Clicking the number in the left hand column will give more specific details for that battery, size etc. as well as any other alternatives for obsolete battery replacements. The headings are static and you will need to scroll the smaller window. I suggest you scroll the page until the headings are at the top of your screen.

Other Names.IECANSI, NEDANominal
201 Discontinued Silver Oxide Cell.
Check details for substitute.
N/A, N/A, 1.55v
329 24, 328, 363, 525, D329, E329, GP329, R329/24, RW300, RW-300, SR730SW, SR731SW, SR731W, V329, V525, N/A, N/A, 1.55v
333 42, DQV, SR610SW, N/A, N/A, 1.55v
335 280-68, 622, 1193SO, 28068, E335, RW335,
SB-AB, SR512SW, V335,
N/A, N/A, 1.55v
337 280-75, 623, 28075, D337, E337, GP337, SB-A5, SP337, SR416L, SR416SW, SR416W, V337, N/A, N/A, 1.55v
339 52, B339L, D339, E339, SR614, SR614SW, V339, N/A, N/A, 1.55v
341 33, 39, 567, 627, D341, E341, SP341, RW322, SR714SW, V341, N/A, 1192SO, 1.55v
346 280-66, 628, 28066, B346L, D346, E346, GP346, SB-AH, SB-DH, SR712, SR712SW, V346, N/A, 1194SO, 1.55v
348 280-77, 336, 28077, D348, GP348, SB-A6, SP348, SR421, SR421SW, V348, N/A, N/A, 1.55v
355 10L129, 544, RW-25, RW25S,
Discontinued Silver Oxide Cell.
Check details for substitute.
N/A, 1140SO, 1.55v
365 280-46, 365, 366, 608, 28046, D366, E365, E366, GP66, GP366, RW318, S35, SP365, SP366, SR1116SW, SR1116W, TR1116W, V365, V366, V538, WOS, WO6, ZA, N/A, 1177SO,




388 211, 221, 503, 9910, 10R10, Accucell-2,
Discontinued Mercury Cell.
Check details for substitute.
N/A, 1157M, 1.35v
 Blue  675, 675A, 675AE, 675AP, 675CA, 675CP, 675HP, 675HPX, 657SA, 675UP, 675 Implant Plus, 675P (HP), 675PA, 675SA, 675SP, A675, A675P, AC675, AC675E, AC675E/EZ, AC675EZ, AC-675E, AP675, B675PA, B6754, B900PA, C675, DA675, DA675H, DA675H/N, DA675N, DA675X, H675AE, L675ZA, ME9Z, P675, P675i+, PR44, PR44P, PR675, PR675H, PR675P, PR675PA, PR-675PA, PZ675, PZA675, R675ZA, RS675, S675A, V675, V675A, V675AT, VT675, W675ZA, XL675, Z675PX, ZA675, ZA675HP, PR44, 7003ZD, 1.2v


 Brown  312, 312A, 312AE, 312AP, 312HP, 312HPX, 312P, 312PA, 312SA, 312UP, 312ZA, AC312, AC312E, AC312E/EZ, AC312EZ, AC-312E, AP312, B312BA, B3124, B347PA, CP41, DA312, DA312H, DA312H/N, DA312N, DA312X, E312E, H312AE, L312ZA, ME7Z, P312, PR312, PR312H, PR-312PA, PZ312, PZA312, R312ZA, RS312, S312A, V312A, V312AT, VT312, W312ZA, XL312, ZA312. PR41, 7002ZD, 1.2v


CR636-2 Discontinued Lithium Cell.
Check details for substitute.
CR636-2, N/A, 3v
CR736-2 Discontinued Lithium Cell.
Check details for substitute.
CR736-2, N/A, 3v
CR927 927, BR927, BR927-1W, CR927-1W, DL927, DL927B, ECR927, KCR927, LM927, CR927, N/A, 3v
CR1025 1025, BR1025, DL1025, ECR1025, E-CR1025, KCR1025, KECR1025, KL1025, L1025, LM1225, CR1025, 5033LC, 3v
CR1130 1130, BR1130, DL1130, ECR1130, E-CR1130, KCR1130, KECR1130, KL1130, L1130, CR1130, N/A, 3v
CR1216 1216, 6216, BR1216, BR1216-1W, CR1216-1W, DL1216, DL1216B, ECR1216, KCR1216, LM1216, CR1216, 5034LC, 3v
CR1220 1220, 6220, BR1220, BR1220-1W, CA10, CR1220-1W, CR1220-C1, DL1220, DL1220B, ECR1220, GPCA10, GPCR1220, KCR1220, LM1220, L04, PA, SB-T13, CR1220, 5012LC, 3v
CR1225 1225, BR1225, BR1225-1W, CR1225-1W, DL1225, DL1225B, ECR1225, KCR1225, L30, LITH52,
LITH-52, LM1225,
CR1225, 5020LC, 3v
CR1240 Discontinued
Check details for substitute.
CR1240, N/A, 3v
CR1612 1612, BR1612, BR1612-1W, CR1612-1W, DL1612, DL1612B, KCR1612, LM1612, CR1612, N/A, 3v
CR1616 280-209, 1616, 6616, BR1616, BR1616-1W,
CR1616-1W, DL1616, DL1616B, ECR1616, GPCR1616, KCR1616, LM1616, L11, L28, YA,
CR1616, 5021LC, 3v
CR1620 280-208, 1620, BR1620, BR1620-1W, CR1620-1W, DL1620, DL1620B, EA, ECR1620, KCR1620, LM1620, L08, SB-T17, CR1620, 5009LC, 3v
CR1632 1632, BR1632, BR1612-1W, CA17, DL1632, DL1612B, ECR1632, E-CR1632, KCR1632, KECR1632, KL1632, L1632, LITH34, LITH-34, CR1632, N/A, 3v
CR2012 280-207, 2012, BR2012, BR2012-1W, CR2012-1W, DL2012, DL2012B, ECR2012, KCR2012, LM2012, SBT15, SB-T15, CR2012, 5035LC, 3v
CR2016 208-202, 208-204, 208-206, 2016, BR2016, BR2016-1W, CA12, CR2016-1W, DL2016, DL2016B, ECR2016, E-CR2016, FA, GPCA12, GPCR2016, KCR2016, KECR2016, KECR2016-1, KL2016, L10, LF1/4V, LM2016, SBT11, SB-T11, CR2016, 5000LC, 3v
CR2020 2020, BR2020, DL2020, E-CR2020, ECR2020, KCR2020, KECR2020, KL2020, L2020, CR2020, N/A, 3v
CR2023 No Equivalents found.
Check details for substitute.
CR2023, N/A, 3v
CR2025 208-205, 2025, 6025, BR2025, BR2025-1W, CA13, CR2025-1W, DL2025, DL2025B, DL20256B, ECR2025, E-CR2025, GPCA13, GPCR2025, KCR2025, KECR2025, KECR2025-1, KL2025, L12, LF1/2V, LM2025, NA, SBT14, SB-T14, CR2025, 5003LC, 3v
CR2032 2032, 6032, BR2032, CA14, DL2032, EA2032, ECR2032, E-CR2032, GPCA14, GPCR2032, KCR2032, KECR2032, KECR2032-1, KL2032, L14, L2032, LF1/2V, LF-1/2V, RFA-35,
RFA-35-11, SBT15, SB-T15, SB-T51,
CR2032, 5004LC, 3v
CR2040 2040, BR2040, DL2040, ECR2040, E-CR2040, KCR2040, KECR2040, KL2040, L2040, L24, CR2040, N/A, 3v
CR2320 280-201, 2320, BR2320, DL2320, E-CR2320, ECR2320, KCR2320, KECR2320, KL2320, L26, L2320, CR2320, N/A, 3v
CR2325 2325, BR2325, DL2325, E-CR2325, ECR2325, KCR2325, KECR2325, KL2325, L2325, SBT12,
CR2325, N/A, 3v
CR2330 2330, BR2330, DL2330, E-CR2330, ECR2330, KCR2330, KECR2330, KL2330, L2330, CR2330, N/A, 3v
CR2335 2335, BR2335, DL2335, ECR2335, E-CR2335, KCR2335, KECR2335, KL2335, L2335, LITH38, LITH-38, CR2325, N/A, 3v
CR2354 2354, BR2354, DL2354, ECR2354, E-CR2354, KCR2354, KECR2354, KL2354, L2354, CR2354, N/A, 3v
CR2412 2412, BR2412, COMP-274-PANA, DL2412, ECR2412, E-CR2412, KCR2412, KECR2412, KL2412, L2412, CR2412, N/A, 3v
CR2430 2430, 6430, BR2430, DL2430, ECR2430, E-CR2430, GPCR2430, KCR2430, KECR2430, KL2430, L20, L2430, LF1/2W, LFW, CR2430, 5011LC, 3v
CR2450 2450, 6450, BR2450, BR2450-1W, CA10, CR2450N, CR2450-1, DL2450, ECR2450, KCR2450, LM2450, CR2450, 5029LC, 3v
CR2477 2477, BR2477, BR2477N, BR2477-1W,
BR2477N-1W, CR2477N, CR2477T, DL2477, DL2477N, ECR2477, ECR2477N, KCR2477, KCR2477N, LITH-32, LITH32PANA, LM2477, LM2477N, P120ND,
CR2477, N/A, 3v
CR3032 3032, CR 3032, CR-3032, DL3032, DL 3032,
DL-3032, ECR3032, E-CR3032, KCR3032, KECR3032, KL3032, L3032, LITH45, LITH-45,
CR3032, N/A, 3v
CTL920 No Equivalents Found. N/A, N/A, 2.3v
CTL1025 No Equivalents Found. N/A, N/A, 2.3v
CTL1616 CTL-1-25, N/A, N/A, 2.3v
LR40 Better known as the No.6 (Consumer & Specialist page)
Definitely NOT a button cell!
LR41 080-D01, 080-D05, 2, 5, 6UDC, 10, 10L15, 10L125, 10SL19, 13, 18, 80-02, 92A, 192, 247, 247B, 280-02, 280-13, 280-18, 325, 325-1, 384, 384-1, 392, 392-1, 392A, 393, 507, 527, 547, 567, 4261, 28002, 28013, 28018, AG3, CX41, D384, D384/392, D392, D392/384, E384, E392, G3, G3-A, G3A, GP84, GP92, GP192, GP392, GS3, H3, H736, HG3, HM-A, HS-A, K, K384, K392, L736, LR736, MR736, MS312, R384/10, RW37, RW47, RW57, RW87, S22, S312E, S315E, S736, SB-AL, SB-A1, SB-A1/D1, SB-B1, SB-C1, SB-D1, SB-DI, SB-E1, SG3, SP384, SP392, SR41W, SR41SW, SR736, SR736PW, SR736SW, TR41SW, V3GA, V36A, V325, V384, V392, V527, V547, WF-3, WG3, WH, WH1, WH-1, WL1, WL-1, WM5, WS1, WS4, LR41,











LR42 05, 3, 5, 10L120, 10SL18, 12, 12UECD, 14, 180, 214, 218, 242, 280-05, 343, 344, 344-1, 350, 387, 387-1, 387S, 502, 509, 529, 549, 569, 604, 28005, Accucell-1, B, CX42, D344, D350, E344, E387S, E350, E400, E400N, EPX400, H-B, HB, HG11, HS-B, KX400, M08, MR08, MR1136, MRB400, NP343, PM400R, PX400, R350/14, RM400, RM400R, RW36, RW51, RW51/W2, RW56, S10, S400PX, SG11, SR42L, SR1136, SR1136SW, T400N, V343, V344, V350, V387, V400PX, V529, W2, WH4, WH8, WS12, Z400PX, LR42,










LR43 080-D02, 080-D04, 1, 4, 6, 10L124, 41, 86A, 120, 120TC, 124, 186, 186-1, 186AB, 226, 260, 280-01, 280-11, 280-21, 280-41, 280-47, 301, 301-1, 301A, 354, 386, 386-1, 386A, 508, 528, 548, 568, 28001, 28021, 28041, 28047, AG12, BSR43L, CX43, D, D186A, D226, D260, D301, D301/386, D301/386B, D386, D386/301, E301, E386, G12, G12A, G15R, GP86, GP86A, GP186, GP301, GP386, GS12, H, HG12, KA43, KS386, L1142, LR1142, MR1142, MS41H, R386/6, RS41G, RW34, RW44, RW54, RW84, S04, S07, S41E, S1142, S1142E, SB-A8, SB-B8, SB-C8, SB-CB, SB-D8, SG12, SP41, SP301, S386, SP386, SR1142, SR43L, SR43SW, SR43W, SR434W, V12GA, V12GS, V14GA, V41HS, V226, V301, V354, V386, V528, V548, WG12, WGS12, WL11, WL-11, WM10, WM11, WS10, WS11, WS-11, LR43,














08, 080-D03, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10L14, 10L124, 10SL17, 13, 23-009, 76S, 76-S, 157, 226, 228, 280-06, 280-08, 280-8, 280-62, 280-904, 303, 303-1, 313, 357, 357-1, 357A, 501, 521, 541, 561, 1154, 2018, 2808, 4276, 8008, 28006, 28008, 28062, 280904, A, A76, A76PX, AG13, AG13A, BLR44, B-LR44, BS07, BSR44H, BSR44L, CA18, CA19, CR44, CX44, D76, D76A, D303, D303/357, D303/357B, D357, D357H, D357/303, E303, E357, EPX76, EPX675, F76, G13, G13A, G13F, G13R, G13-A, G13-F, G-13, GP57, GP76, GP86, GP303, GP357, GPA76, GPS76E, GS13, GS13F, GS13G, GS14, H1154, HC, H-C, HD675, HG13, HS-C, J, K576, KA, KA76, KS76, KX675, L154, L1154, LR 44, LR-44, LR44P, LR1154, LX S-76, MGA2200, MGA-2200, MR1154, MRB675, MS76, MS76H, PC13, PC675, PX76, PX76A, PX675, PX675A, R44, R357, R576, RPX675, RS76, RS76-1, RS76-2, RW22, RW32, RW42, RW52, RW82, S, S05, S06, S15, S76, S76E, S76PX, S-76, S1154, SBA9,
SB-A9, SB-B9, SB-F9, SG13, SG14, SP76, SP303, SP357, SRO7, SR44H, SR44P, SR44SW, SR44W, SR47, SR47SW, SR76E, SR675, SR1154, T535B, Type J, V13GA, V13GS, V76HS, V76PX, V303, V313, V357, V521, V541, V675PX, WH3, WM15, WL14, WS14, WS15, WS16, Z675PX,





1107SO, 1107SOP,



1131SO, 1131SOP,






LR45 11, 17, 27, 126, 180, 280-17, 380, 394, 394-1, 524, 625, 936A, 28017, AG9, CX45, CX936, D380, D380/394, D394, E380, E394, G9, G9A, GP94, GP394, GS9, L936, LA, LR936, R394/15, RW33, S33, S936, SB-A4, SG9, SP380, SP394, SR45H, SR936, SR936SW, SR936W, V380, V394, V524, LR45,


1161SO, 1.5v


LR46 No Details Found (never assigned to a battery?).
LR47 No Details Found (never assigned to a battery?).
Some Laser Sight adverts claim that 3 × LR47 batteries are the power source, this is a typo - they actually use 3 × LR44.
LR48 7QT, 8, 10L123, 15, 16, 70T, 123, 193, 211, 255, 309, 309-1, 323, 323-1, 393, 393-1, 393A, 398A 506, 526, 546, 566, AG5, BSR48H, C, CX48, D193, D309, D309/393, D323, D393, D393/309, E309, E393, F, G5, G5A, GG5, GP48, GP93, GP393, GS5, H754, HS5, L754, LR750, LR754, MR754, R393/15, RW28, RW38, RW48, RW58, S13E, S754, S754E, SB-B3, SB-C3, SG5, SP393, SR48W, SR753W, SR754, SR754SW, SR754W, V309, V323, V393, WH6, WL6, WL-6, WS5,
WS-5, WS6, WS-6, WM6,












LR49 No Details Found (never assigned to a battery?).
Some Laser Sight adverts claim that 3 × LR49 batteries are the power source, this is a typo - they actually use 3 × LR44.
LR50 Better known as the PX1 (Small Photographic) 1.5v


LR51 No Details Found (never assigned to a battery?).
LR52 Better known as the PX640 (Small Photographic) 1.5v


LR53 7201, A825PX, AMF, BLR53, EPX825, HPX825, KA825, PX825, RPX825, V825PX, LR53, 1129AP, 1.5v


LR54 080-D11, 080-D15, 10L/122, 10L122, 11, 15, 17, 24, 28, 89A, 122, 189, 189-1, 189AB, 280-15, 280-24, 389, 389-1, 389A, 390, 390-1, 390A, 390B, 534, 554, 603, 615, 626, 9926, 28515, A05, A120, AG10, AQ1500, AQ1600,
AQ-1700, AQ2200, BSR54H, CX54, D189, D189A, D389, D389/390, D390, D390/389, E389, E390, G10, G10A, G10ACNB, G10GX2, G28, GP89, GP89A, GP189, GP389, GP390, GS10, KA54, KS389, KS390, LR113, L1131, LR1130, LR1130H, LR1131, M, R389/17, RW39, RW49, RW89, S120, S1131, S1131E, SB-AU,
SB-B4, SB-BU, SB-D4, SB-DU, SG10, SG10E, SP389, SR1130, SR1130SW, SR1130W, TR54, Type M, V10GA, V10GS, V389, V389/554, V390, V534, V554, VG10A, WG10, WGS10, WL10, WL-10,







LR55 080-D14, 080-D28, 10L130, 23, 27, 30, 34, 130, 191, 191-1, 280-27, 280-30, 291, 317, 381,
381-1, 391, 391-1, 391A, 533, 553, 609, 1120, 28027, 28030, AG8, CA26, CX55, D191, D191A, D381, D381/391, D391, E381, E391, G8, G8A, GP91, GP191, GP381, GP391, GS8, KA55, L, L1120, L1121, LA, LR112, LR1120, LR1121, LR4230, R1120W, R391/23, RW3, RW30, RW40, RW80, S1121, S1121E,
SB-AS, SB-AS/DS, SB-BS, SB-BS/ES, SB-DS, SB-ES, SG8, SP391, SR1120, SR1120W, SR1120SW, SR1121, V8GA, V8GS, V381, V391, V533, V553, W1K, W1S, WL5, WL-5,







LR56 No Details Found (never assigned to a battery?).
LR57 080-D19, 080-D25, 25, 35, 44, 48, 199, 280-20, 280-44, 280-48, 395, 395-1, 399, 399-1, 399A, 523, 543, 610, 613, 28020, 28044, 28048, AG7, CX57, CX926, D2L, D2T, D395, D395/399, D399, E395, E399, G7, G7A, GP95, GP99, GP395, GP399, GR927, GS7, L926, LA, LR926, LR927, R395/25, RW13, RW33, RW313, RW413, S19, S28, S926, S926E, SB-AP, SB-AP/DP, SB-BP, SB-BP/EP, SB-DP, SB-EP, SG7, SP395, SP399, SR5, SR57H, SR57L, SR926, SR926SW, SR927, SR927SW, SR927W, TR927W, V395, V399, V523, V543, W, W2L, LR57,








LR58 080-D22, 080-D32, 19, 23, 29, 46, 161, 280-23, 280-29, 280-53, 361, 361-1, 362, 362-1, 423, 532, 554, 601, 28023, 28029, 28053, AG11, CX58, CX721, D1M, D361, D361/362, D362, E361, E362, G11, G11A, GP62, GP362, GS11, R362/12, RW310, RW410, S, S23, S721, S721E, SA721SW, SB-AK, SB-AK/DK, SB-BK, SB-BK/EK, SB-DK, SB-EK, SG11, SP361, SP362, SR58H, SR58L, SR72C, SR720W, SR721, SR721SW, SR721W, TR721W, V361, V362, V532, W1U, X, LR58,






LR59 080-D20, 10R102, 26, 28, 29, 45, 102, 125, 196, 280-28, 280-52, 396, 396A, 397, 396-1, 397-1, 532, 536, 556, 607, 612, 726, 28028, 28052, AG2, CX59, D2M, D2U, D396, D396/397, D397, G2A, GP96, GP97, GP396, GP397, L726, LR726, N, R396/29, RW311, RW411, S17, S30, S59, S725, S726E, S726, SB-AL, SB-BL, SB-DL,
SB-EL, SG2, SP396, SP397, SR56, SR59H, SR59L, SR726, SR726SW, SR726W, S726E, GP397, SR726SW, SR726W, TR726W, V, V396, V397, V536, V556, W2M, W2U,






LR60 080-D29, 31, 34, 51, 164, 280-34, 280-70, 363, 364, 364-1, 531, 602, 621, 28034, AG1, CX60, D1V, D364, E364, G1, G1A, GP64, GP364, KS364, L621, LR620, LR621, LR721, RW320, S, S621, S621E, SA621SW, SB-AG, SB-AG/DG,
SB-DG, SG1, SL1, SP364, SR60L, SR620SW, SR621, SR621SW, SR621W, T, V364, V531, W1V,


1175SO, 1.5v



LR61 Better known as the AAAA (Consumer & Specialist page) 1.5v
LR62 080-D55, 53, 280-58, 317, 317-1, 616, 28058, CA, CX62, D317, E317, GP317, RW317, RW326, SB-AR, SP317, SR516, SR516SW, V317, V566, LR62,






LR63 080-D39, 50, 179, 280-59, 379, 379-1, 379A, 379L, 618, 28059, AG0, CX63, CX521, D379, E379, G0A, GP79, GP379, JA, L521, LR521, M, R379, RW327, SB-AC, SB-AC/DC, SB-DC, SG0, S379, SP379, SR521, SR521SW, V379, V566, LR63,


1191SO, 1.5v


LR64 226, 280-60, 319, 319-1, 615, 28060, D319, E319, GP319, GP319-A1, RW328, S54, S526E, SB-AE, SB-AE/DE, SB-DE, SP319, SR64SW, SR527, SR527SW, TR527SW, V319, LR64,


1186SO, 1.5v


LR65 38, 280-73, 321, 321-1, 321L, 540, 611, 28073, CX616, D321, DA, DPV, E321, GP321, R321/38, RW321, SB-AF, SB-AF/DF, SB-DF, SGX1, SP321, SR616, SR616SW, V321, V540, LR65,


1174SO, 1.5v


LR66 37, 39, 77, 177, 280-39, 280-72, 280-101, 376, 377, 377-1, 377A, 565, 606, 606A, 619, 28039, 280101, AG4, BA, CX66, CX626, D2V, D376, D377, E376, E377, E377CA, G4, G4A, GP77, GP377, GS4, KS377, L626, LR626, MA, R377/77, RW329, S626, SB-AW, SB-BW, SG4, SP377, SR626, SR626SW, SR626W, V377, V565, LR66,


1176A, 1176SO,




LR67 080-D54, 40, 56, 280-56, 314, 314-1, 315, 315-1, 530, 614, 28056, B315L, BR315L, D314, D315, E315, GP315, HA, RW315, RW316, S67, SB-AT, SP314, SP315, SR716, SR716SW, SR716W, V315, V530, LR67,


1187SO, 1.5v


LR68 080-D40, 41, 280-45, 280-61, 372, 373, 373-1, 373L, 539, 617, 1172SO, 28045, CX68, CX916, D372, D373, DPT, E373, GP373, RW317, SB-AJ, SB-AJ/DJ, SB-DJ, SP373, SR916, SR916SW, SR916W, V373, V539, WA, WOT, LR68,


1172SO, 1.5v


LR69 080-D30, 30, 31, 36, 170, 280-31, 280-51, 370, 370-1, 371, 371-1, 371L, 537, 605, 620, 920, 28031, 28051, 28061, 2300203, AG6, B370H, B371L, CX69, CX921, D1L, D1T, D370, D370/371, D370/371B, D371, D371B, E370, E371, E371C, G6A, GP71, GP370, GP371, GS6, L921, LR920, LR921, R370, R371, RW315, RW415, S18, S21, SB-AN, SB-AW, SB-BN, SG6, SP370, SP371, SP372, SR920, SR920SW, SR920W, SR921, TR920SW, TR920W, V37, V370, V371, V537, Z, LR69,






These batteries are not usually on general sale there are no listed equivalents that I can find, they are used to construct the A23.
See the details page for more on this cell.
ML414 ML414R, ML414U, ML-414RM, ML-414S, N/A, N/A, 3v
ML421 No Equivalents Found. N/A, N/A, 3v
ML612 ML612S, N/A, N/A, 3v
ML614 ML614R, ML614S, N/A, N/A, 3v
ML616 ML616S, N/A, N/A, 3v
ML621 ML621S, VL621, N/A, N/A, 3v
ML920 ML920S, N/A, N/A, 3v
ML1220 65013, ML-1220, VL1220, VL-1220, N/A, N/A, 3v
ML2016 ML-2016 N/A, N/A, 3v
ML2020 VL2020, N/A, N/A, 3v
ML2032 No Equivalents Found. N/A, N/A, 3v
ML2320 VL2320, N/A, N/A, 3v
ML2330 VL2330, N/A, N/A, 3v
ML2430 No Equivalents Found. N/A, N/A, 3v
ML3032 VL3032 N/A, N/A, 3v
MT416 295-67, N/A, N/A, 1.5v
MT516 295-61, 295-76, 295-6100, 296-7600, 3027-26Y, MT516C, N/A, N/A, 1.5v
MT616 295-41, 295-66, 3023-4MZ, 3027-3MZ,
3027-4MZ, 3027-29N, 3027-29R, MT616A,
N/A, N/A, 1.5v
MT621 295-33, 295-37, 295-45, 295-51, 295-55, 295-60, 295-63, 295-3300, 295-3700, 295-5500,
295-6300, MT621A, MT621C, S11, TS621,
N/A, N/A, 1.5v
MT920 295-29, 295-34, 295-38, 295-39, 295-40, 295-56, 295-57, 295-4000, 295-5600, 3023-5MZ,
3023-44Z, 3023-24R, 3023-24T, 3023-24X,
3023-24Y, 3029-110, MT920A, MT920D, TC920S, TS920,
N/A, N/A, 1.5v
MT1620 295-31, 295-44, 295-65, N/A, N/A, 1.5v
NBL414 NBL-414 N/A, N/A, 2v
NBL621 NBL-621 N/A, N/A, 2v
Orange 13, 13A, 13AE, 13AP, 13HP, 13HPX, 13P, 13PA, 13SA, 13UP, 13ZA, A13, AC13, AC13E, AC13E/EZ, AC13EZ, AC-13E, AP13, B13BA, B0134, B26PA, CP48, DA13, DA13H, DA13H/N, DA13N, DA13X, E13E, L13ZA, ME8Z, P13, PR13, PR13H, PR13PA, PR-13PA, PZ13, PZA13, R13ZA, RS13, S13A, V13A, VT13, V13AT, W13ZA, XL13, ZA13. PR48, 7000ZD, 1.2v


PX1 1A, A1PX, BA-1312/U, BMR50, E1, E1N, EN1A, EPX1, EPX1A, H-P, ISA-MR850, MR85, MR8504, PC1A, PX1, PX1A, RM1, RM1N, RM-1N, RPX1, SR850, SR8508, V1PX, LR50,



1100A, 1100M,





PX13 625, 625A, 625PX, 4370, 4371, 4625, 8930, A625, A625PX, AG625, CA16, D625, E625, E625G, E625N, EPX13, EPX625, EPX625BP, EPX625G, GPCA16, GPPX625A, HD, H-D,
HD-D, HD1560, HD625, HG-625R, KA625, KX13, KX625, L1560, LR09, M01, M20, MR09, MR9P, MRB625, PC625A, PN625, PX625, PX625A, PX625S, R625, RM625, RM-625R, RPX625, RPX625A, RPX625S, S625PX, SR09, V13PX, V625PX, V625U, Z625PX,









PX640 23-1515, 640, 960-0374, A640, A640PX,
CNB-EPX640, CNB-RM640R, E140, EL40, E640, E640N, EN640A, EPX640, EPX640A, H-N, KX640, PC640A, PX640A, PX640AB, RM640, RM640R, RPX640, V640, V640PX,





1126A, 1126MP,



 Red  5A, 5AE, 5HP, 5HPX, 5SA, 5UP, AC5, AC5E, AP5, B7PA, CP63, CP521, L5ZA, ME5Z, P5, PR5H, PR-5PA, PR521, R5ZA, S5A, V5AT, VT5, W5ZA, XL5, ZA5. PR63, 7012ZD, 1.2v


44, RT-44, XR710W,
Discontinued Lithium Cell.
Check details for substitute.
N/A, N/A, 2v
Renata 333 333, RT-333, XR611W,
Discontinued Lithium Cell.
Check details for substitute.
N/A, N/A, 2v
Renata 750 Discontinued Lithium Cell.
Check details for substitute.
N/A, N/A, 2v
Renata 751 751, RT-751, XR512W,
Discontinued Lithium Cell.
Check details for substitute.
N/A, N/A, 2v
SR914SW 280-76, N/A, N/A, 1.55v
VL1616 No Equivalents Found. N/A, N/A, 3v
Yellow 10, 10A, 10AE, 10AP, 10DS, 10HP, 10HPX, 10SA, 10UP, 20PA, 230, 230E, 230EZ, 230HPX, AC10, AC10EZ, AC10/230, AC10/230E, AC10/230EZ, AC230, AC230E, AC230E/EZ, AC230EZ, AC-230E, AP10, B0104, B20BA, B20PA, CP35, DA10, DA10H, DA10H/N, DA10N, DA230, DA230/10, L10ZA, ME10Z, P10, PR10, PR10H, PR10PA, PR230H, PR536, PR-10PA, PR-230PA, PZA230, R10ZA, RS10, S10A, V10, VT10, V10AT, V10HP, V230AT, W10ZA, XL10, ZA10. PR70, 7005ZD, 1.2v


End Of Listings

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