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So many manufacturers are now making battery operated equipment (or battery backup for memories etc.) that the use of battery (or more properly cell in most cases, I will use "cell" and "battery" interchangeably here, as is common useage) names is becoming confusing!

These equivalents tables have been collated from many sources. Where possible the entries have been cross referenced with other sources to ensure accuracy, if there are any errors or omissions feel free to contact me with the correct data (or a link to the correct data).

  1. Consumer Batteries

    All the standard 1.5 and 9 volt types, CR series Lithium camera batteries, Valve and Transistor Radio batteries, Photographic batteries (inc the smaller ones that are in the Button & Coin section) and other specialist batteries (inc Hearing Aid batteries).

  2. Button & Coin Batteries

    Button cells (watch batteries), Lithium "coin" cells (large watch batteries), Hearing Aid batteries and some smaller Photographic batteries (includes rechargeable types where found).

    If you have a button (watch) type battery or coin type battery and you can't read the numbers (some stampings are very faint), you may want the Button and Coin Battery Size Chart.

  3. Amateur Radio Hand Held Batteries.

    Nothing else (although some Digital Video Camera batteries are mentioned because they fit) just "Batteries for Handies".

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