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Full Licence. The icing on the cake. Electronics theory.

There is no practical assessment for this level, it's all theory. Don't let that put you off though, you will be expanding on the knowledge you gained in the last 2 courses. Now instead of, for example, 'this section is an SSB mixer' we learn how SSB signals are generated and recovered. Not just SSB either we learn about how all modes are generated and detected, how the correct frequencies are made, how the power is amplified to useful levels.

We also learn how the various electronic components work and how the relate to each other to build a useful circuit.

A scientific calculator is recommended, you can use it in the exam along with a supplied formula sheet, as some of the calculations can be complex, again don't worry, once you understand what the symbols mean and how the calculation works they are really quite easy! the formulae are all on the supplied sheet at the exam you only need to recognise which one you need and then 'do the math'.

Successful completion of the 62 question multiple choice exam will enable you to get a licence that allows you to use up to 400 Watts on all the amateur bands. Also you will be able to use your equipment in other countries (subject to permission), be able to supervise unlicenced persons, experiment on new bands (subject to a NOV (Notice of Variation)) and even build your own equipment from scratch (homebrew).

The world is your oyster - Good Luck.

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